Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just Lovely

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Ola peeps. How's your holiday? As this is the wedding season, so I bet there's lotof wedding invitation to attend rit? Same here, and you know what........??? 
For a week, fat being able to see around my body part & it cracks directly through all my photos. As kenduri can be said as "everyday", I love nasi+lauk kenduri so much (favy), and I keep refilling my tank 3-4 times by eating stuff, I manage to gain 5kilos through that.seriously no joke friends.Seriously not.huh

Anyway,juz let it be la khanz as I rarely could attend kenduri especially when in comes to my close relative's wedding.   There's kinda an immediate feeling of stay connected with people that I know or perhaps knowing those acquaintance in one day stand. As usual during kenduri, if i'm not a runner, perhaps I'll be the unofficial photographer. If I'm not d caterer, I'll be d one who keep on eating in a corner.lulz

muka xcited na g kenduri..hihihi~

Below is d several wedding picture via me that I godek in my collection. Enjoy~

Baby/kid+me is d must~

 left: my anjang, d tuan rumah~

d duos~

Till then..wa'slm~


Agit Naeta said...

really nice, that is your wedding day ?

UnaDeDonna said...

no agit,its my cousin's wedding will be coming..soon..huhu