Friday, December 14, 2012

Check & Balance

Assalamualaikum wbt..hi readers!!
How do you do nway??hope uollz r doing fine all d time & all d way u are..
But before that,may I have a talk in personal with my blog??Plz..

(Owh my dusty cutie blog..Im sorry baby..mama's so called busy bee lately..i miss u sweetie..and want u to know that i really love muchhh!!*teary eyes*)

Ok then, anyway, today I feel like I'm not so called as a committed people..I'm not saying in whole perspectives but honestly speaking I have that behavior (slightly) in certain things. 
Juz take a simple obvious example alrite!! 
I do have blog, and I do love to write.but still i can't manage to keep on blogging and updating my entry consistently. I mean,as a blogger,dats suck man! Time is my major problem honestly..ergghhh!!! But after I watched "Istanbul Aku Datang",Lisa Surihani (she's seriously chantek ok!!) keep on updating her do's stuff thru blog and I feel like "Hey!!why not I try to be committed in writing in my own blog??" (head banging
Yeah, then, I started to open up this tiny blog covered by spider-webs and dust,then do this typing-thingy.. 

I recently drag my feet to public area and watch people with their own habits. I love to watch people..with their lover,family and friends..and I do love people..As I'm an Advocate! I'm an Interpersonalist!! I'm a Consultant!! I do committed in doing my job and responsibility in communication world but I'm not committed in contributing something for myself especially in relationship..

I tend to forget to keep in touch with people that I know (especially the love ones) when busy-ness cover up..idk but it really hurtful for them and for me for sure..I do realize it eventhough people doesn't say anything upon that..I try my best in sustaining the momentum of relationship, but they could feel that I'm not ok and free that time..idk how to say, "You,I'm ok and i'm trying to stay connected with you even I'm not capable in handling my own time with lotof stuff on my head (eventhough I'm busy)". Ney!!that's will kill me if I say that, as people tend to say back "It's ok,you may take your time,I won't disturb you..I do understand you". Oh Gosh!!Please don't say to me in that way..If i take my time, idk when is the right time to stay connected with u people..I'm stuck amidst this!!

Whatever it is, I'm proud to be an Interpersonalist as I tend to understand people more compare to I want people to understand me..Some sort of myself say,this sacrifaction might be worth for me in future by easing people around me as I believe in Karma and Allah.."You give some and you gain some" and "The keys for successfull life are patience and time". But honestly speaking,I love what I'm doing now..Alhamdulillah

People are imperfect. so am I. I realize there are lotof flaws in me and I'll try my best to demolish the flaws and replace to the better. Maybe in certain way, people seem to label me as uncommitted person, I'm trying to do the best check and balance stuff for all goods.

People say, LOVE isn't everything..WORK isn't everything..
ermmm..then, WHAT IS EVERYTHING???

Say we wake up on 5.30 a.m and get prepare with our routine, no matter what position we hold (students,professionals,blue and white collar people etc), plus minus with work, traffic jamm and all those, (excluding studies, eating, bathing, praying) we have spend 11 hours of 24 hours juz for that..then we realize our job activities takes 68%- 70% of our life (sad fact huh!)
So,whatever work/job we do,honestly speaking, WE NEED TO LOVE IT!!!not jus YES answer oqey, I mean DEEP DOWN INSIDE punya..

Then, when we go home, we still have 13 hours left rit??that's the time remain need to be spent for the love ones, whether family, siblings, friends & what not..there's the time we hangout,berjimbas,laughing,sharing,and everything enjoyable..I want them all ok!seriously..I'm trying to be committed after this..yeah!!

Buckle up Una,you can commit to do it!!you live only heck it!!!
and dear people,I love you so much..ktata~