Friday, December 14, 2012

Check & Balance

Assalamualaikum wbt..hi readers!!
How do you do nway??hope uollz r doing fine all d time & all d way u are..
But before that,may I have a talk in personal with my blog??Plz..

(Owh my dusty cutie blog..Im sorry baby..mama's so called busy bee lately..i miss u sweetie..and want u to know that i really love muchhh!!*teary eyes*)

Ok then, anyway, today I feel like I'm not so called as a committed people..I'm not saying in whole perspectives but honestly speaking I have that behavior (slightly) in certain things. 
Juz take a simple obvious example alrite!! 
I do have blog, and I do love to write.but still i can't manage to keep on blogging and updating my entry consistently. I mean,as a blogger,dats suck man! Time is my major problem honestly..ergghhh!!! But after I watched "Istanbul Aku Datang",Lisa Surihani (she's seriously chantek ok!!) keep on updating her do's stuff thru blog and I feel like "Hey!!why not I try to be committed in writing in my own blog??" (head banging
Yeah, then, I started to open up this tiny blog covered by spider-webs and dust,then do this typing-thingy.. 

I recently drag my feet to public area and watch people with their own habits. I love to watch people..with their lover,family and friends..and I do love people..As I'm an Advocate! I'm an Interpersonalist!! I'm a Consultant!! I do committed in doing my job and responsibility in communication world but I'm not committed in contributing something for myself especially in relationship..

I tend to forget to keep in touch with people that I know (especially the love ones) when busy-ness cover up..idk but it really hurtful for them and for me for sure..I do realize it eventhough people doesn't say anything upon that..I try my best in sustaining the momentum of relationship, but they could feel that I'm not ok and free that time..idk how to say, "You,I'm ok and i'm trying to stay connected with you even I'm not capable in handling my own time with lotof stuff on my head (eventhough I'm busy)". Ney!!that's will kill me if I say that, as people tend to say back "It's ok,you may take your time,I won't disturb you..I do understand you". Oh Gosh!!Please don't say to me in that way..If i take my time, idk when is the right time to stay connected with u people..I'm stuck amidst this!!

Whatever it is, I'm proud to be an Interpersonalist as I tend to understand people more compare to I want people to understand me..Some sort of myself say,this sacrifaction might be worth for me in future by easing people around me as I believe in Karma and Allah.."You give some and you gain some" and "The keys for successfull life are patience and time". But honestly speaking,I love what I'm doing now..Alhamdulillah

People are imperfect. so am I. I realize there are lotof flaws in me and I'll try my best to demolish the flaws and replace to the better. Maybe in certain way, people seem to label me as uncommitted person, I'm trying to do the best check and balance stuff for all goods.

People say, LOVE isn't everything..WORK isn't everything..
ermmm..then, WHAT IS EVERYTHING???

Say we wake up on 5.30 a.m and get prepare with our routine, no matter what position we hold (students,professionals,blue and white collar people etc), plus minus with work, traffic jamm and all those, (excluding studies, eating, bathing, praying) we have spend 11 hours of 24 hours juz for that..then we realize our job activities takes 68%- 70% of our life (sad fact huh!)
So,whatever work/job we do,honestly speaking, WE NEED TO LOVE IT!!!not jus YES answer oqey, I mean DEEP DOWN INSIDE punya..

Then, when we go home, we still have 13 hours left rit??that's the time remain need to be spent for the love ones, whether family, siblings, friends & what not..there's the time we hangout,berjimbas,laughing,sharing,and everything enjoyable..I want them all ok!seriously..I'm trying to be committed after this..yeah!!

Buckle up Una,you can commit to do it!!you live only heck it!!!
and dear people,I love you so much..ktata~

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Word that I Love Mucho...

Assalamualaikum wbt..
This entry gonna share several wording that I do love so far (for those who care to read la khanz)..and these might be useful to uolls esp in handling friendship, relationship, partnership, companionship, and battleship (ye,sila lempang sy reramai)..and most of 'em really represent me inside-out..ngeee..happy scrolling peeps!

 "Dear, I don't have the prettiest face for you to look at, but I do promise that I have the biggest to LOVE you with!!"

"Find arms that will hold you during your weakest, eyes that will see you at your ugliest, and heart that will love you at your worst..Then,u will be happy forever,Insya-Allah"

"You live only once, juz get cracking and rock you life buddy!"
(Hug to Grunge)

"Whoever holds back his anger, Allah will hold back His punishment from him on the day of Judgement. Subhanallah.."

"Happiness starts with one word, one joke, one text, one phone call, one song, one hug, one kiss and stops with one mistake"

"When you own my heart, bring it always with you no matter where, when and what. Please do be reminded that I'm yours and it is your responsibility to keep it shiny, clean and beautiful during your possession. Never let it go, no matter what would happen..Never let it go."

"Allah gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers..So,be strong people.."

"Watch your words, don't let them escape as regret."

"Things are better when covered.."

"Those who kneel down to Allah can stand up for anything."

"Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about."
(But when compare pic kat atas, konfius plak mne diri sndiri..hihihi)

"Friendship is priceless. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and people around you will. So, stay in TOUCH."

"When nails grow, we cut the nails, not our fingers. Similarly when misunderstanding raise, we should cut the misunderstandings, not the relationship."

"Say yes to your smile, which sends a message of warmth and friendliness to others. Smile is one of the easiest sunnah. And smile is one of dakwah. So, SMILEEEE!!"

"Life is too short to waste time hating anyone."

"Let them talk. Then, juz put a smile. Because after all I know, ALLAH KNOWS BEST."

"Everyone has their own past. And the past is not to be judged, but to be learned."

"Love is an ice-cream sundae, with all marvelous coverings. With the sauce on top..yummy!!
(The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream..ngeee)"

"Remember me with happiness and laughter cause if you remember me with tears and sorrow, it would be best not to remember me at all."


P/s: Byk gmbr dr wordingnye ek??rs bersalah plak..hehe..xpa..biaq pi lah nah..bkn selalu mokcik mencapap, ye dok??
hmmm da la ek..nnti ade lg, i tmbh2 idea plak today..ngee
Till then..tata n tqvm for reading this~

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gold Dinar

Assalamualaikum wbt.

This 2nd entry for today would talk about gold dinar which is the currency which allows us to revive the history of Islam which was the leading coin during the early era of Islam.

In 2006, Kelantan has become the 1st state in the country which introduce the benefit and use of dinar to Malaysian. It followed by Perak when it minted its own dinar and dirham in 2011.

Not all knows the function of this Islamic currency in our life as we already get used with Fiat Money by US. But, dinar is much more valuable as it's made up by gold, silver compare to Fiat Money that we used in present which is only made by paper! You know, if anything happen, the money that we used will not impossible to be invaluable just like what happen in Libya..Their money means nothing after the crisis happen in there.Nauzubillahiminzalik.

For your info, the gold dinar is common being used in buying merchandise from outlets, holding accounts, making and receiving payment as with any other medium of exchange, saving for future, paying zakat and dower (Mas Kahwin).

For me,my favorite dinar of course would be Dinar Perak as I'm Perakian..teheee.. I'll get some for my saving and investment for the sake of my future..Amin Insya-Allah..I also hope my dowry would come out in dinar as well..hehehe~

Below is the rate of Kelantan Gold Dinar

Till then..tata peeps..wassalam~

Ramadhan Comes Again

Assalamualaikum wbt..
When I write this, it's 5th Ramadhan 1433H. So,today's the 5th day for us to be in fasting month,the most barokah month ever.Subhanallah.. I'm glad to wish "Sai'dul Ramadhan,Ramadhan Rahman & Happy Fasting" to all Muslim all around the world..

Alhamdulillah we still able to inhale and exhale our breath, still have chance to see and witness all miracles (Allah's Creations;Nature, Sustenance, Lailatulqadar etc), still have time to do amal (donate,worship,Tarawih) and taubah in the way to be a good Muslim to Allah swt..Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Walailahaillallah Allahuakbar.
Hope fast would make us to be more patience,more grateful,more generous,more positive,more matured,more tawadhuk and istiqamah in everything good that we did and everything that we plan to do..We pray Allah makes this month blessed for us all, and enables us to benefit fully from it through our fasting, praying, charity and other good deeds.Amin Ya Rabb.


Ramadhan Karim,
Jazakumullahukhoiran..Till we meet again ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eye Opener..Thnks ya akhi~

Law Kana Bainana Full Song with Lyrics

Law Kaana Bainana [with Malay lyrics]

Wahai Tuhanku, kami telah lalai lupa,
Namun setiap orang daripada kami tetap tamakkan,
Keampunan-Mu, dan sifat pemurah-Mu dan kebebasan daripada neraka-Mu,
Dan juga kami tamakkan syurga, yang dimasuki bersama-sama penghulu seluruh manusia.

Kami mohon pada-Mu...
Mohon dengan sangat, wahai Tuhanku,
Dari sudut hati kami yang paling dalam...

Kalaulah Kekasih-Mu, masih berada bersama-sama kami,
Akan terlunaslah segala hutang dan semakin hampirlah
dengan haruman Baginda, sebelum hilangnya,
rasa yang meronta-ronta untuk berada hampir dengan Kekasih-Mu.

Berada berhampiran Baginda, jiwa turut menjadi harum
Dan apa jua yang kalian doakan kepada Allah, akan diperkenankan,
Cahaya Nabi Muhammad tidak akan pernah sirna,
Sempatkanlah kami bertemu dengan Baginda,
Wahai Tuhan yang Maha Memperkenankan doa hamba...

Hidayahmu kepada alam merata meluas,
Tanda hampirnya kasih sayang Tuhan pemberi hidayah,
Hadith-hadithmu ibarat sungai mengalir jernih,
Berada di sisimu bagaikan dahan yang tumbuh segar dan basah.

Kutebus diriku dengan dirimu, wahai Kekasihku,
Nabi Muhammad yang mulia, yang asing,
Berada berhampiranmu, jiwa menjadi harum,
Wahai yang diutuskan sebagai tanda kasih sayang Tuhan kepada seluruh alam....

Wahai Kekasihku, wahai Nabi Muhammad
Wahai doktor hatiku, wahai yang dipuji dipuja
Dirimu memiliki kelebihan yang diakui
Oleh Tuhan yang turut berselawat ke atasmu.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My First Photo Essay: Worship

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Today's entry is gonna tell u about my first photo essay entitled 'Worship' and I'm proud to share with u guys about my snapshot, photography techniques I learned along these while..

Time is running out. But, cutting-edge revolution, busyness, gifted talent, power, money or even luxury always being as excuses among human as that surely will head to the carelessness and neglecting to implement their responsibility which is "Worship"
Aperture: f/6.3
ISO: 1600
Shutter Speed: 1/30

In present we have, Mosque just tend to be a venue of gathering during Friday Prayer and Eid Festival. Where is the Islamic identity among Muslims nowadays? Outstanding architecture of mosque has been built but where is the people in it? Is it only for the Imam or muezzin?
ISO: 800
Aperture: f/16
Shutter Speed: 1/400

Come on brothers and sisters, lets build up our prayer (Solat) as that will lead us to successful and victorious life. Yeah, it is hard but this is the only way to differentiate us with non-Muslims. Come on my friends. Let's do it completely 5 times per day.
ISO: 200
Aperture: f/4.5
Shutter Speed: 1/13

First thing first, demolish, terminate all matters or problems aside by begin the worship with ablution (Wudhuk). Insya-Allah, you'll feel the freshness & calmness in pre, present and past of the prayer
ISO: 6400
Aperture: f/20
Shutter Speed: 1/250

Allah always miss us. Hence, we need to miss Him too. Bring up our hands and ask forgiveness and everything that willing to pour out coz Allah is always by our side
ISO: 200
Aperture: f/22
Shutter Speed: 1/5

Do remember! Don't wait until the last day you able to breath. Begin the life with full of worship to Allah and be balance people. As nobody is eternal and powerful except Allah SWT
ISO: 6400
Aperture: f/16
Shutter Speed: 1/30

Till then, jazakallahukhoiran kathira..