Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt..
This would be my 2nd entry for today..and it's kinda my guilty redemption for not spending my time in blogwalking world..hehe..hope u guys realize how sorry I am..*wink*

Well, juz wanna share my last week nervousness while facing my very first formal debate session..Seriously I swear, I have zero experience and zero skills in debating I'm tellin' cha..(I juz know public speaking..not debate..adoyai..)
It's kinda "bidan terjun jgk" and I was try to be as sporting as possible by representing myself and my Interpersonalist  team as well to organizer for sure..

Honestly, I only know the actual date of the debate during a day before the contender..I mean A DAY people..With lack of preparation,plus the language is in Bahasa (OMJ..what to do???), I'm not capable in handling the thing.But what am I suppose to do??haih..So I close my eyes,take a very deep breath as hell and challenge myself to juz get over with..pffttt.

As the Deputy Miniter of Opposition, I need to oppose all the point given by the government side even though I'm not pretty sure either I'm doing good or what..What could I say, so redah jerr laarrr even full of butterflies and bees in my tummy during that time..huhuhuhu

Alhamdulillah, our team which consists of Asffariza, Shahrizat and me won the 2nd session after beating,battling and arguing one another with those Goverment Womens..and my teammate Shahrizat was announced as the best debater for that day..It's splendid man!!I love to advocate people through debate even though this is not me in genuine..hoho..

Nothing much to say so let's the pic do its talk..

Left: Hilal, me, Ija and Shah

2011 Inc Debate (Interpersonal)

Watch my "cuak" face..LOL::


The crowd

Our observer: Hanif & Hilal

Government party - Wanita UMNO..~~

Motion given by ourbest debater, Shah..ada berani??LOL

Wrap up session..

Till then~~


Assalamualaikum wbt..'s still not too late to wish "Salam Awal Muharam" to olls rit..for those who fasting,alhamdulillah,barokallahufik,happy fasting n enjoys d delightful iftar okies..

Btw, juz wanna say, "I'm missing 2 things rit now..

(##1) My baby blog

(##2) my guitar..

Those who don't care about what i wanna feel, i don't care either..huhu..but juz wanna share as it's quite a very long time I didn't spend my day with my tiny little blog..Poor me and poor my blog for having me as its owner..indeed (**sigh**)

About my blog..eerrr..Shame...shame...shame!!!!!I'm really sorry guys for such a long silence and let this corner full of dust and spider-webs..LOL..i have no idea how to cater with this problem as seriously i really bz as hell along this tenure.. I'm juggling with bombarded of activities, program here and there, bowling tournament,report,documentations,presentations and group projects (of course), this probably be d reason why my blog couldn't pause me back with writing ideas and henceforth lead me to juz abandoned it as damn as i did all this while..easy to say, my blog is under construction (but actually d problem is me..not d blog..ngeee)..So,,,

I'M SO S.O.R.R.Y..

(I'm currently been flipping thru files which spreading nicely on my bed..To take it in the bright side,i found no clues and could read nothing..Aiyakkk!!Lot of task to be done and I'm sick of this..hurmmm rest jap ahh..fuhhhh!!!~~)

I juz finished watching vlogger + guitarist through youtube such as shillaamzah, najwalatif,anarafalli and more (nice name they got aren't they??complete with dad's name..NICE!!I also want,can I??teeheeee~~)..Hmm you know what appears in my big head after watch them picking d string and singing?? makes me to miss my kapokzz seriously..

Rita Rudaini??No no's me Oqey..teehee~~

I asked 4 permission from my mom to buy a new guitar but she doesn't allow me to..hisk doesn't get it..i kinda stuck in here..doesn't know what i wanted to do especially in bored and stuck brain over here..I'm loss..Guitar and music are my staple diet..As serious as insulin doses for those who're diabetics man!! But never mind,I understand u mom..seriously..and i still could watch the bros @ G-hut corner jamming in here..Till now, i wonder where's the exact port for those who wanna busking in Shah Alam huh??!!Those who knows, do tell me okies..

Till then with more activities I wanna share soon..tata~