Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FRIENDSHIP...BestFriendForever VS Bull**itFu**in'Foe

Assalamualaikum wbt....
Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah...
I would like to express my gratitude to...(errrrkkkkk berprotokol la plek i ari nie..ahahaha)
Actually,I'm feel very lucky of having such a beautiful and great moment to be a best friend to all my peeps..I love my friends so damn much but people seems to be hard to love me sincerely...hmmm i'm not sure bout it..but, if that so,
i bloody don't even care about it..If u hate me,go on peeps..
but,why u hate me??what's wrong wit me??do tell me ok..clarification is needed here..
never ending internal inquiry begin..makes me dizzy mostly, rises my blood pressure, Owh great!! thanks to u!!!u make me hate u even more than u people could imagine oqey!!!CONGRATS!!!!!!!

Well sometimes,  i tend to give up in making new friends,refuse to build a friendship,avoid from getting close wit people coz i don't want them to hurt me (as the scars in my heart shown right now..lotof people have hurt me so damn..a lot...)

Honestly,I dunno how to make friend..i guess u face this situation too..
Technically, friendship is rise naturally..Begin wit a lil self-disclose and get to know each other and lil conversation, a "friend badge" will be on ur chest..Simple!!!(snapping fingers)

But, what i'm trying to stress in here is about the quality friend. not quantity.. I don't care how many friends that you guys have out there but can you even count the real,best,awesome and loyal friend that u have??hahahaha..still counting???yeah!!!u got it..that's the thing~~

You know,I really particular in choosing friend.. In present i have,i admit that it's hard to 4me find such a great friend who really could lend their shoulder for my head, could bring me to their arms and hug me during my bad day, lend their ear to listen and understand my feelings and really can move on with me side by side no matter what happen.. Since i was in college and university, I still can't to have such a good friends who really cares and understand the real me..NOBODY!!!serious shit!!!
(Even though i already make me fully prepared wit a bag of sacrifaces for everybody who i really consider 'em as F.R.I.E.N.D.. You know how was that feel???d answers were

P/s: Soooo sOrry guyz coz when it comes to the topic of friendship,I'm becoming such a super duper emotional craziness madness ever coz i've experienced a lot of bad moment wit friends along diz 4,kinda trauma and phobic wit all diz stuff..

Ok,enough wit dat..Let's take a look at another flip topic..It's all about,,,,,,,

Farah Huda..
We have a short met last Tuesday (260711). Quite an abrupt plan by her but really enjoy d time when we hangout 2gether..and she's one of my great peeps who i can consider as my BestFriendForever (BFF) as she's sO understand and would find me in terms of seeking for some comfort for her life..i love to comfort people..& i love people who really appreciate myself as their friend..

P/S: To Farah,sorry for the rush dear.but I hope,u r happy coz i'm happy too..long time no see so u know la khanz..xcukup msa...btw,diz 31st would be our 5science1 reuniOn at UTP Lake Garden...can't wait 2 see u guyz..can't wait 2 write all about us in d next entry..insya-Allah~~
So,here d picca dat manage to b captured even 4 d very last minute..

u'll hv d real happiness my..I'll pray worries..


Credit 2 Farah..Nice shoot i jd model cm hampesss skit..hahaha

Peace...yeap,i feel peace wit u..even u d 1 who really wana find d peace by askin' me out..huhu~


Till then...Assalamualaikum~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I gOt AnOther One~~

Assalamualaikum wbt.. ;)
First,I wanna thank all,for those who willing to support and encourage me to do more in blogging..really appreciate that..mucas gracias..thanks very much brothers & sisters..

Second,(it's kind of my biggie heart invitation..ehem3)..please don't feel hesitate to visit one of my blog as there hv a lot of tips and advices; which dedicated to those who still a student & also for everyone who really need guidance in life..i'll try my best to help u guys Okies??

or juz click d link below..(",)

Syukran Jazilan..JazakallahukhOir..

Till then~~
tata..wink (^^,)V

Sunday, July 17, 2011

BelOved Items..Sharing Time!!!

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Ahlan Wasahlan Wa Marhaban Bikum....
Wussup guyz??wish uolls in d pink hopefully..Thnks 4 dropping by n enjoy scrolling my simple blog..
I don't wanna be so redundant by saying this thing, but i have to. for those who still doesn't follow my blog yet, please, do it so..coz your support really inspired me...really meaningful to me..thanks,syukran alaik, arigato, kamsamida, gracias, merci, xie xie ;)

hoping n waiting 4 uur support ;)

Btw, this entry would be my very 1st baby step in having the self-disclose and share something that I kept for along this time..(kinda property la jgk)..As i'm the only daughter for my parents,so I kept it by my own and nobody ever touch 'em but me..(as i don't like people to touch or even grab mine....I'll, argggghhhh, turn to Hulk if they does).. watch if they dare..hehehe
So,they're MINE in TOTAL..
& i juz gonna show u some of 'em..not all maaaa.!!!!coz if i did that,it's not gonna be fun for my side la khanz!!wink (^^_)V

Nways,maybe it's look like i wanna held d on9 business,promoting,providing scroll catalogue some sort like that..but i'm sorry guys,it won't gona be happened for this particular moment..::LOL::
but maybe some of them have such a high potential 2b sold, so u guys juz wait for the hint Ok??

Or u'll might fall in love wit my stuffs then u'll craving for 'em 4 instance!!!
Ahaa!!!as d matter of fact, i need to gv u suggestion,do recommendation for which area u should buy those things or even accompany u for SHOPPING!!!.ahahaha..i love shopping Okies..i've refrained enough already..That also lead me to say,"I wanna go for SHOPPINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Haha..there!!u know me better rit..crazier super duper shopaholic!!!::XOXO

So,here u go..hope u guys enjoys...

When i was a kid and teenager (10-15 yrs), i really adore these 7 artists: Siti Nurhaliza,Song Seung Hun, Westlife,Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, In-team and Raihan..
Autumn in my heart was my very 1st and d last Korean drama dat i felt in love wit.nothing can beat diz drama ever..So,these r some part of my favy artists's collection...
Others,i love to watch My Fair Princess starring by Vicky Zhao.See!!i manage to hv the pencil case inlaid wit d cast of d drama..i never use this pencil case since i was 10 years old coz i don't want it 2b scratched,ruined or something...could u people imagine that!!how rigid and obsess am i..LOL

B4 diz,i love 2 make pocket note by myself..i'll use A4 paper,assorted color paper,and recycle comb's quite fun when i'm getting bored wit study & all reading stuff. Creativity grows me up.. ;)


Taraaaa!!these r my cutie collections..hurm not that much, but no worries..i still collecting..and i also can make one for my own too ;)

And these r my keychain collection..but now,this hobby becoming slower as i rarely go out or even have a vacation..The furthest i got my keychain is from Australia,London (my besties gv me) & Mecca (during i do my pilgrimage on 2010)

Not so special but for me it does..i love collecting small cutie boxes like diz as i able to reuse 'em back when d time i want to..(i got even more than above..teeheeeee)

I'm not wearing any perfume actually but basically this collection mostly gotten as a gift from friends,family n others. I'm not into fragrance thing or something except my body lotion,cleanser n baby powder..i juz let 'em be inside my deco glass closet.fragrance decoration..teheee~~

Brooches..i wore 'em during my primary & secondary school,but not in present..i'm not wearing 'em anymore..coz it's like ala2 datin pny style so i hate that..
Ahaaaa,all the brooches hv such a high potential 2b anybody willing 2b ala2 vogue datin?do tell me if u want diz stuff..

My bracelets~~

I'm not sure it's a gold or what,coz my mum bought for me from Mecca.really cute & i always wear it when i put Indian n Arabic attire on me..Bollywood style..Kuch Kuch Hota Hai~~~

Silver necklace.i bought from Saudi Arabia n it got chain of Ka'abah..unique & i juz lovin' it~~

Collecting & wearing rings is my thing. I'm willing to go back home if i forget or not wearing two of rings on my finger. (left & right)..Compulsory Okies ;)

Bag,handbags,goody bag..

All of 'em..messy~~

Shoe..i prefer the flat shoe rather than high heels..As the matter of fact,i got 8 pairs of "Crocs" shoes coz i juz love it..easy for my to run during emergency..(i love 2 run)..hahahaha ;D

Now,i'm so addicted in collecting shawls and pashminas. My mom already understood my craziness upon it so she'll bought me at least 1 pashmina in a week..thnks mom!!!XOXO

Now,i already hv over 30 pashminas in my wardrobe..but i stil craving 4 d new pashminas coz that's truly my passion in diz right moment..Rofl

Hope u guyz enjoy..
Till then...
Assalamualaikum \(^_^)/

Followers??Who's next?? *Wondering*.

Assalamualaikum wbt..
There u go..when i've got nothing to do,boring wit all common stuff,so......blogwalking would be my truly passion la khanz...(b4 diz pny la mls na update)..but whatever it's,yeap,I LOVE BLOGGING!!teheeee ;)
But,sometimes,i've got nothing to be written la..lack of idea mostly..OOPPSSSiiiii it's not lack actually,but zero Okies!!!As i'm not as creative as other blogger out there..haih..gigit jari jep when look at their followers..hundreds and even thousands yaw!!OMG!!but look at me..aigoooooo..sadness covers around..kinda pathetic isn't it ;(
What do think peeps??is't required 4 me to share everything inside my brain,my daily routines,all secret under my dress??? (Oppppssss!!??::LOL::) Well,it's all depending la kn..i'm not as famous as maria elena , anastasyea , freda, gorgeous nurulbadiahlai, UJ & errrr (who else huh??::LOL::) who've got so many interesting story moli to be shared..but whatever you people gonna said,i'm so proud to say that,I wanna be like 'em..all my thought,ideas,n even 'delicious spices' could be shared with others..Everybody will knows me..wahhh fofuler i uolls!!! berangan ::LOL::

Seeking for your attention & supports..where are u guys??? ;)

But i really need your support coz it really helpful for me to keep on remain in the field of blogging..It's vice versa la kn..If i got more followers,so more content to be shared..and if I'm happy,more ideas will come around!!
so,follow my blog k??EASY..teheee~~
Hmm it's quite shy in promoting myself..aigoooo...but so what??your support are highly appreciated by me..thanks very much guys!!!

p/s: Don't forget to follow me and leave any comment or traces so that i'll know u..wink..tq \(^_^)/

Till then..assalamualaikum;)


Assalamualaikum wbt my brothers & sister..Alhamdulillah we meet again..
NISFU SYA'BAAN..that's the topic for my entry today.. ;)

As Rejab has passed,now we move on to the middle of Sya'baan..Alhamdulillah..So it's mean the wave of Ramadhan just around 15 days to come..Btw,we're never too late to bring and feel the blessing life of Sya'baan isn't it??
Narrated Al Bahili Umamah r.a said: The Prophet Muhammad pbuh said," During Sya'baan, cheer up,announce yourself and adjust (improve) ur intention".
Let's contemplation & pray as the Prophet Muhammad when the inclusion of Rejab:

اللهم بارك لنا في رجب وشعبان وبلغّنا رمضان

Meaning: "O God Our Lord,bestow blessings for us in Rejab & Sya'baan, and give us O God to Ramadhan (ie O Allah,please extend our age so we can meet with Ramadhan)

# Virtues of Sya'baan
  • Sya'baan is the 2nd month after the full blessing of Rejab
  • Part of wisdom state that Rejab is the month full off forgiveness opportunity, Sya'baan provides opportunity to improve ourselves from any kinda reproach, while Ramadhan as the time to show the purity of heart and soul.
# Practices Recommended During Sya'baan
  • Fasting
  • Continuos prayer,zikrullah,& praise to Prophet Muhammad pbuh
  • Repent (sincere repentance/Taubat Nasuha)
# Significant Event of Sya'baan
  • Nusf Sya'baan/Nisfu Sya'baan
  • The exchange of Qiblah (from Baitulmuqaddis,Palestine to Baitullah,Mecca)
  • War of Bani Mustaliq (Muraisi')

Wallahualam bi sowwab~~


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Abandoned Mosque..

Assalamualaikum wbt..Have a good day people..;)
Actually,(as usual,i'll gv u the lame excuses..::LOL::) diz entry should be written last month (school holiday) right after of my long journey to East Coast of Malaysia..but,i don't even accomplished my intention upon it cause lately, i'm not into on9 activity etc as i've got another commitment to be focused on..Apparently,there're many kind of places in Terengganu which have been step by my heels for 3 days long..and OMG,i juz can't even deny anything as i really love and enjoy my time wit my family and my parent's friends the all momento,the awesome architecture and view of Terengganus..
Aahhhh i still can d feel fresh air all along the beach..blupppp3<3

Iman,me @ Hadi..They're my brOthers~~ ;)

My elder brO:Abg Long,Me & Iman~~ ;)

Final day of the vacation, i reached myself at of Malaysian state which has been rule by opposition party..sad to say but,seriously Kelantan picturize me about the condition of Malaysia during 1970th..really sorry to say..I feel so bad when reached at Pasar Siti Khadijah..
it's so hot in there and i can't even imagine how the seller able to withstand with the heat without any air-cond in it!!
as i juz entered the "pasar" for about 10 minutes,i started to turn to be like cats on the hot bricks (cacing kepanasan) coz it's totally extreamly fu**ing hot i'm telling kind like i have the steam bath and sauna as all of us (my parents,me and all the sellers) are sweat a lot!!flutter via hands??dun even ask that question..THOUSANDS of TIME yaw!!can u even imagine that people??!!!
I juz (*sigh)..hmm..Can't they(the authority) even buy or even enhance the air circulated system in Pasar Siti Khadijah into the high standard??Oh my please please help them as majority of 'em makes the market as their source of finding income..How people gonna shop in there in such condition as happen to me and other of my family members??Poor them..**sigh**

What should i do for their sake as i'll live in media field soon..*wondering* =/

Well, another thing that really make me unsatisfied with administration and people in charge with the development in Kelantan is d condition of this mosque..Physically yeap,it is a new mosque..very new with the name of Masjid Keputeraan, Mukim Maahad Tahfiz Pulai Condong, Kelantan..So here the mosque....

Majestically high tower which ready and always welcoming all Muslims to come.. ;)

Beautiful rit?? ;)

Opening plat: .this mosque was inaugurated on 27th April 2009..still new~

Well,that's only the view from outside..But,right after i entered the entrance of this lovely mosque, i was shocked for sudden as the condition of the area is so severe and not in proper..rubbish and trashes and thrown everywhere without maintenance and good care..Plus,there's nobody in charge for this kind of large and monumental mosque during my family and I entered the hall of worship (even it was time to recite the Zohor prayer already!!)..
As such,i take my DSLR and snap almost all the over the area of this mosque as i feel it has been treated as dud,like this mosque is nobody business..Oh come On people!!It for us ok!!for everybody!!it's our responsibility to enliven the mosque..where's the resident around,??where's the muezzin??Owh Gosh..i don't even know anything about the condition of this mosque but why it must be hard to give this place as beautiful as other worship places??Was that the time for maintenance or something??is it this mosque have problem or what?Where's everybody??Where's the villagers??where's the community??I don't even can answer all the question coz i really dunno as i'm not the local community there..Hmm what ever it is,i hope the mosque will be used by people all the time..coz it such a very beautiful,got the modern design with great architectural art,and most important is,the mosque is huge enough to be seen and attract all Muslim to come and pray there..
I don't wanna nagging so much let the picca do the talk..

P/s:This is not my intention to be over paranoid or rise up the controversy upon this matter..nor to discourage anyone especially Kelantanese..but juz wanna share an odd experience that seriously i never seen in my life..whatever it is,I'm really sorry......

Quiet path which seems so lame.. =/

Where's everybody??Where's the community???? =/

Only my family in here..during Zohor prayer time..=/

unkempt surrounding~~ :(

Nice toilet..Dice marble huh;)

but the tank is so nobody wanna take ablution here ;(

Trashes are every where..gv me such a bad 1st impression towards this mosque..coz Islam emphasizes cleanliness to all the ummah.. ;(

Till then..
wallahualam bi sowwab..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Positive +ve

Assalamualaikum..this entry is gonna share u some of positive view which i believe would help u n me myself a after this,stand up with face rise up coz the world is so beautiful wit everything that we could see..that's the power of being POSITIVE...enjoy~~

p/s: juz 4 today,no matter where i am going,or what i am doing,or who i am doing with,it is my intention to focus on POSITIVE...wink...;)

<3 Start each of our day with a grateful heart.
Focus on the positive aspects of every person that u encounter.
Then,end each of the day with a grateful heart..

<3 When you realize how perfect everything is,u'll tilt ur head back and laugh at the sky ;)

<3 All of life is a journey. Which paths we take..What we look back on..What we look forward is up to us.. We determine our destination..What kinda road we'll take to get there..How happy we are when we get there..Whatever it is,it's up to you!!

<3 The door of HAPPINESS open,be happy yaw!!

Till then...
Assalamualaikum~~~ ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Know Myself, I Improve Myself,,Insya-Allah Success~~

Assalamualaikum wbt people...
Alhamdulillah we still got such a great opportunity to heal d fresh air and still alive til today.Alhamdulillah..barakallah..
The entry today seems to be very hard 2b written in English as that is not totally my mother tongue but as I really determine to make it readable,I'll try my best. So,here you go......

***My O my..why??why am i like this??why me look like that??bla..bla..bla..bla...bla..zipppppp!!!~~~

Yeap..That's me before..always asking the question that hardly for me myself to answer (coz it's all about me..all of 'em!!).. i'd keep finding what is something wrong about myself over and over..(make me dizzy mostly)..twenty four seven...starting from d very early morning i awake myself till d mid night before i close my eyes to sleep..What's wrong about me people??huh??what's the matter??*sigh*Dear God,do please guide me..give me the answers.Why i being such like this for all day long.hectic,fatigue..erghhhh!!I don't wanna be someone who feel not good enough and unappreciated with all sustenance given to me for all this time..NO!!!!!

BUT...inside me,technically i can feel something..a sign to guide me in doing some changes..something beneficial not only for me..but also to everybody around me..YEAH!!

Alhamdulillah..i'm such a conscious person as i easily realize with everything i am a bookworm and have so much passion in reading anything (no matter blog,notes,magazines,etc) and always starve with something new,i have made up my mind after read one of this adorable lady blog..OMG..& by that,i became more critical in thinking,react and analyze the wisdom behind everything that i experience,everything that i undergo through and every experiment that i involve as genuine pig so far::LOL::

Along this time,i always degrading myself,i always feel insecure with everything..i cannot avoid myself from getting involve in crisis and the thing that i regret so much is the thing that i really care and put so much effort on, are ruin easily coz of the very small thing..*sigh* But now,i know,everything is not always perfect according to the plan..All the circumstances happened would be something good behind it..something that we as a human being cannot detect it via our senses..Oh my Lord,i believe in You and only You got the answers for everything that i wanted to.

Now,i manage to open up my eyes widely and realize how and why the ugly truth in life..Everything should be the reason..Wallahualam~

**Something that i wanna share with u peeps**
  • Life is indeed difficult to unexpected..There's sometime when we're really enjoying the shower of shining sun ray,there's a sudden rain pour onto our face.. We wept and wondered where's the sun gone?Apparently,Allah would like to give us a rainbow.

  • We feel so bad when has been criticized by do i before..but factly,most important is,we've been evaluated by Saints (Wali) and Allah SWT..Been humiliated,been questioned and been dealt with is no longer the major case. But technically,regardless,YEAP,i understand..some of us have not been clear about the goals in life,to feel boreswith sweetness of other human goals..just mind our own aim,our own business..May Allah aim us to strengten..God Willing..Biiznillah~~

  • Jangan kerana guruh bergempita,air di tempayan kau keringkan..Jangan kerana unggas di rimba,denak di sangkar kau lepaskan..Jangan kerana pelangi yang indah,lampu di kamar kau matikan..Jangan kerana kerlipan kaca,zamrud di tangan kau lemparkan...Jangan kerana buih yang indah,bumi yang nyata kau tinggalkan._Malay Novelist
Yeap,i'm such an ordinary human being..always make a mistakes and faulty everywhere..i'm not anybody..only khalifah who still new in undergo this journey and finding the maturity and the sweetness of life in present and Hereafter, for those who know me,sorry for everything..i'm sorry for the stupid thing i wish i didn't do but i do along this time i have with u guys!!I'll do my best from now and hope we are all together,struggle to uphold Islam and the legacy of outstanding and extraordinary jihad..Haiya 'alal falah..;)

Till then.............

p/s:Thnks Kak Noor~~~