Monday, February 14, 2011

New Life Begins~~~

Salam everyone...
Welcome to my 1st post 4 diz new year 2011 (HAHA..not so new but never mind..i still assume it still raw n fresh .wehuuuu=P)..Well, it is such a long time I'm not blogging with my dearest blog since Dec last year and it's frustrating me seriously..*sigh*..what can i said as i have been infected with a sickness diseases ever...LAZINESS...*lol*, due to the time constraint as i juz entered new phase in life early of last January..n from d day line, my new life begins and that is diz post is all about..
Sharing moments especially in life is pattern in present..and me the one who willing to be honored to take part Of it..=)
Surround with lotof friends with various characters and backgrounds also being a normal phenomena for me..but the way i adapt myself with them compares to my twin program experience is something delicious to divvy with u guyz..Blossom of friendship, the born of courage and the reveal of true me are the things that i go through the beginning of diz twelvemonth..lets determine ourselves to scroll the picture as they will tell u more compare to my super boring words...teeheeee~~~

These moments has make make me so lively and be a positively mind setter as it will conribute to my passion+perfomance in life..Insya-Allah wa biiznillah..anyways,pray 4 me as i won't let myself to be lazygirl anymore..throw it away..shuh shuh!!hehe..
till then,c ya in my next post later..tata..wassalam
Much love