Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt..
This would be my 2nd entry for today..and it's kinda my guilty redemption for not spending my time in blogwalking world..hehe..hope u guys realize how sorry I am..*wink*

Well, juz wanna share my last week nervousness while facing my very first formal debate session..Seriously I swear, I have zero experience and zero skills in debating I'm tellin' cha..(I juz know public speaking..not debate..adoyai..)
It's kinda "bidan terjun jgk" and I was try to be as sporting as possible by representing myself and my Interpersonalist  team as well to organizer for sure..

Honestly, I only know the actual date of the debate during a day before the contender..I mean A DAY people..With lack of preparation,plus the language is in Bahasa (OMJ..what to do???), I'm not capable in handling the thing.But what am I suppose to do??haih..So I close my eyes,take a very deep breath as hell and challenge myself to juz get over with..pffttt.

As the Deputy Miniter of Opposition, I need to oppose all the point given by the government side even though I'm not pretty sure either I'm doing good or what..What could I say, so redah jerr laarrr even full of butterflies and bees in my tummy during that time..huhuhuhu

Alhamdulillah, our team which consists of Asffariza, Shahrizat and me won the 2nd session after beating,battling and arguing one another with those Goverment Womens..and my teammate Shahrizat was announced as the best debater for that day..It's splendid man!!I love to advocate people through debate even though this is not me in genuine..hoho..

Nothing much to say so let's the pic do its talk..

Left: Hilal, me, Ija and Shah

2011 Inc Debate (Interpersonal)

Watch my "cuak" face..LOL::


The crowd

Our observer: Hanif & Hilal

Government party - Wanita UMNO..~~

Motion given by ourbest debater, Shah..ada berani??LOL

Wrap up session..

Till then~~


Assalamualaikum wbt..'s still not too late to wish "Salam Awal Muharam" to olls rit..for those who fasting,alhamdulillah,barokallahufik,happy fasting n enjoys d delightful iftar okies..

Btw, juz wanna say, "I'm missing 2 things rit now..

(##1) My baby blog

(##2) my guitar..

Those who don't care about what i wanna feel, i don't care either..huhu..but juz wanna share as it's quite a very long time I didn't spend my day with my tiny little blog..Poor me and poor my blog for having me as its owner..indeed (**sigh**)

About my blog..eerrr..Shame...shame...shame!!!!!I'm really sorry guys for such a long silence and let this corner full of dust and spider-webs..LOL..i have no idea how to cater with this problem as seriously i really bz as hell along this tenure.. I'm juggling with bombarded of activities, program here and there, bowling tournament,report,documentations,presentations and group projects (of course), this probably be d reason why my blog couldn't pause me back with writing ideas and henceforth lead me to juz abandoned it as damn as i did all this while..easy to say, my blog is under construction (but actually d problem is me..not d blog..ngeee)..So,,,

I'M SO S.O.R.R.Y..

(I'm currently been flipping thru files which spreading nicely on my bed..To take it in the bright side,i found no clues and could read nothing..Aiyakkk!!Lot of task to be done and I'm sick of this..hurmmm rest jap ahh..fuhhhh!!!~~)

I juz finished watching vlogger + guitarist through youtube such as shillaamzah, najwalatif,anarafalli and more (nice name they got aren't they??complete with dad's name..NICE!!I also want,can I??teeheeee~~)..Hmm you know what appears in my big head after watch them picking d string and singing?? makes me to miss my kapokzz seriously..

Rita Rudaini??No no's me Oqey..teehee~~

I asked 4 permission from my mom to buy a new guitar but she doesn't allow me to..hisk doesn't get it..i kinda stuck in here..doesn't know what i wanted to do especially in bored and stuck brain over here..I'm loss..Guitar and music are my staple diet..As serious as insulin doses for those who're diabetics man!! But never mind,I understand u mom..seriously..and i still could watch the bros @ G-hut corner jamming in here..Till now, i wonder where's the exact port for those who wanna busking in Shah Alam huh??!!Those who knows, do tell me okies..

Till then with more activities I wanna share soon..tata~

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Nothing much to say but......

to those who delighting my day and my life every single day..

I love u so much..I really do...

P/s: I hope u guys know even doesn't have any specific dedication in here..but I bet u'll realize how thankful I'm by having uolls in my life..

My dad,my mom,abg long,hadi,iman,honey,kakaks,neneks,datuks,my besties in SMKDARY+SKBKN+SKTG..I LOVE U SOOO MUCH~~~~

Till then(^_^)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Photography,...My Favourite~~

Assalamualaikum wbt..hye guys!!wussup?

The topic for today is......................

P.H.O.T.O.G.R.A.P.H.Y..yeap!!one of d most popular hobby 4 all people nowadays..and so do I..really make me craving to travel more and look all around the world and do lotof shot coz "there's a song in every image i captured"..wahhh tagline Yuna i rembat..leh la i jd 2nd representer for Canon EOS..Yuna & Una..
Ok what!!!!!teeheee~~

My camwhoring passion required two (2) important matters..First is...

My baby Canon EOS 550D
and second one is
& Me (the photographer)..teeheee~~
You know,I love to take lotof snapshots and often be a cam-woman for any subject that I put my interest on..It's not necessary a human my dear..kinda cliche if d pic looks like something accord 2 d by that,I prefer d candid will glow d "naturality" of the subject and rise the level of art 4 sure..
(kinda mamarazzi la jgk i beware k?teeheee~~)
I learned a lil bit about photography techniques all this while..really exciting i'm telling u..
So far, i manage to know several photography techniques which are panning, slow and fast shutter speed, portrait, depth of field (extended & shallow), architecture, landscape, seacape, etc.
Thanks to my photography teammate who helps me a lot in camwhoring..

So here d pic and u guys make the judgement okies..
P/s: i used manual mode and no flash for all d pic below..enjoy..

DOF (Depth of Field)
ISO 200
Aperture f/8
Shutter Speed 1/60

Extended Depth of Field
ISO 800
Aperture f/6.3
Shutter Speed 1/100

Shallow Depth of Field
ISO 1600
Aperture f6.3
Shutter Speed 1/125

Slow Shutter Speed
ISO 100
Aperture f/11
Shutter Speed 1/6

Fast Shutter Speed
ISO 6400
Aperture f/11
Shutter Speed 1/1000

ISO 200
Aperture f/6.3
Shutter Speed 1/100


ISO 100
Aperture f/12
Shutter Speed 1/40
ISO 800
Aperture f/6.3
Shutter Speed 1/100

So how??am I great in photography or what??do tell me okies..

Hope u guys enjoy..
Till then..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

No Arms,No Legs,No Worries..

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Previous entry that I posted couple minutes ago was about Tae-Ho,the gorgeous boy that I never seen in my whole life..
Now,here you go a man with full positivity inside him..This guy is fully living his life..He doesn't care what can't he do..He does the few things that he can do and he's enjoying them..even with NO ARMS AND NO LEGS!!!subhanallah..

That's what we call "Being Happy With What You Have".. Many people have everything but are not happy in life..Same goes to me before..But now, i would like to change..Love to be much more appreciated, love to high the praise to to do my very best in life..Insya-Alah wa biiznillah..

Btw, I really respect you brother..Thanks for the inspiration..

Till then~

Tae-ho's story..


Here a story in the corner of the world..It's about Tae-Ho..a little lad who was born in 2000 in South Korea..He has no arms..juz depending on his cute legs to complete his life..But,he doesn't care about how he looks..He never complaint..NEVER..(shame on me..hisk..) He is very positive person..

He really inspired me..Allahuakbar..Subhanallah...His positiveness, the full of joy in undergoing the life with full of determination..Seriously, I can't even do that if I was him..His attitude,his spirit and all everything inside his heart really make me think more than twice before I complain about something in my life..

I love u boy...thanks for the super duper inspiration..Love to independent as u do my boy..

Till then..


Human Beings,
Entire Region,
Around the World.

20th August 2011

Assalamualaikum wbt..

How do you do??Hope u guys are doing well out there..You guys fasting x??if yes, great!!Alhamdulillah..may this Ramadhan grant u the most happiness and great life for u and ur entire family..Insya-Allah..

Dear people,
Let's talk about life coz I want to..hehe..Well,life is so difficult right? Lotof feelings,getting emotional..Like a wheel..It's going up side down.. It's normal..and that's the spices of life isn't it!

Well, I feel so numb when I'm speaking about life..coz my life circulate in the same bubble and full of plots in it which mostly make me give in easily..I wanna cut it OFF!! cut the negative feelings away..shuh shuh..teeheee~~

So,now I would like to turn to something new..something raw & fresh..something could chill me up..And here the new Resolution begin.......

It's time for me to change to something new..Something that u people never know it'll come from me..It's time to start the new life..Life that can cheer me up more than the past..It's time to begin with full of determination..Determination to turn to someone better..It's time to look forward and no turning back..Coz I hate to be degraded like before..IT'S THE NEW ME COMING UP WORLD!!!

I dun care what people gonna say about this coz they dun even gv me any single feed of rice along this dun even judge me coz it's my life...If u still assume me like the previous old me before,I dun care! coz I'm not that person anymore...(sound harsh right??sorry coz it's hard to stop other people from talking about us)..btw,I'm sorry..

Thanks for reading..I love u guys,(for those who love me la kn..hehe)..
Till then,wassalam

I'm the author of my life,

Husna Noor Hamdan,
Juz ordinary girl
wit full of extraordinary dreams~~

P/s:i'm very bad in letter writing..sorry teacher..teehee~

Friday, August 19, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt..

I'm terribly sorry for the long silence a lot of things to be done..& most of 'em have such a great relation with money spending..yeap!!EXPENSES..

I do part time job for about 3 month durations (starting from early of May-end of July) resigned already & juz staying at home waiting for the exact time to find d new there's so many things has change so far,thus i need to make some changes of 'em are my attitude n my determination of life..

I set up a basic plan after get the total payroll at the very last of my work day..(Something special here was, I asked my boss to give me the total of 3 month working salary on the very last day I work,it's mean i save my money for early couple of month by spending it no where la khanz..selamat sekejap jep pn..da dpt,gasak la..hahaha..)

OMG!!now i realize that money is something...(I didn't say it's everything,I said, something)..Something mean sesuatu..sesuatu yg sgt penting..very crucial one..(hard to explain larh..hohoho)
Ok,MONEY..It's very important since I remind myself to be independent and no begging around to ask money from someone else..I trained myself by never ask people any single cent of money including my parents coz I hate to be indulgent and juz being fed without any effort to become someone better..I love to be independent as it taught me the lessons that was not taught in any school..

Money..blupp3..i love money..teeheee~~

Ok,here the secret I wanna reveal 2u..huhu..I've make a stupid experiment last couple weeks ago by spending rm1k within several minutes and I've made it!!hahaha..(it's not really a shopping by my sight,but it's more for my satisfaction to see something ease..which by make-up & car services..hahaha..)
You know, go to car accessories' shop is really "something"..I find another of my passion now and proud to say, I LOVE IT!!

My favourite accessorries shop..situated at Ayer Tawar..
Taukeh kedai pny anak..dia olang twin woo..manyak hensem..sgt rjin n ske senyum..suka panggil wa amoi cantik..wa manyak suke woo..lalalalala
The owner are Chineses..(did I say "are"??huhuhu..yeap,I visit a lot of premises I'm telling ya..but I prefer Chinese coz their work,their rappo, their expertise, their determination are TIP TOP!!
So,i never regret for spending my money juz for my car coz it was really worth compare to any other things..(might be have something else but so far,nothing could beat my passion to car accessories in present..LOL) ;)
Ok,stop talking about spending money..Now, i would like to thrift more than anybody could imagine the level of that,including me myself..I'll control my temptation and everything which could lead me for spending beyond the budget..I need that coz I hv so many thing to do in this life..Prioritize the needs, not the requirement or desires..

Thrifting..Saving..Parsimony~erkkk another word please??teehee~~
Wish me luck people..I know it's hard but I need to do it starting from now and istiqamah with this resolution..;)

Alright,got so many things to do..
Till then..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Hate You When....

Assalamualaikum wbt...
It's been quite long since my last post huh..Well,u know how life can can get bz as

I'm doing good,for myself personally..I'm a lady who is very independent,moderate,patience,obedient,tidy,clean,hardworking,reliable,crazy,mature etc (phuii!!!angkat bakul sndirik plak..uolls sure rs na hempuk je kn..layan kn jela)

what else do u wanna find cOz i'm almost done with the title of "d most great future daughter in law" i'm telling statement..biahahaa

But,it could be some part which lead me to hate certain things...quite annoying mostly..make me sick and give up in continue this life...hisk3..

Not bcoz of my attitude,but bcoz of others behavior who seems to be sooo unfair wit me...I'm juz going crazy trying to get everything in the real right proper path but it doesn't happen..could u believe me!!!Almost all of ' pathetic!!

I read a lot of articles about the self-reflection sort of things..Most of 'em said everything that was happened in life got wisdom behind it..Every trial,challenges in life could be symbolize as
the way to clean ourselves from sins, bad experience lead us to be more tough,more mature,more independent in future life to undergo..Yeap,dats true..absolutely!!

But I faced a lot..& nobody cares what me no so cutting-edge like others,me not as pretty as others,me not as huhahuha as not as vogue wit so called diva style, bla bla bla..u know..i'm juz only a "skema" girl yg muka cm mintak pelempang ade la..huhuhu

Hmm i juz make it seems fun coz i want myself to smile,to cheer,to laugh..easy to say,I WANA BE HAPPY..It's hard for me to smile by all these things keep on spinning crossing over my head like birds in Tom and Jerry cartoon..I wanna smile..I wanna laugh..but HOW???nothing could cheer me up peeps...**sigh**

*** I hate those who hate me with no reasons...If u have it,plz be d rational one la..
*** I hate those who set me like a chessman on game...
*** I hate those who want me to understand them but they don't even care to understand me either..
***Dear stalkers,get out from my life!!i dun even need u..
*** I hate back stabber..of course everybody does hate this people rit!
*** I hate those who act like she/he is d best among others..
*** I hate those who seems so nice to treat me as friend and comfort me during my bad day,but after dat easily say, "If i'm a bad person,i'll never let u be with me",,"If i'm a bad person,i'll tell everybody the real bad inside u"..(hisk,mmg u bad pn..adoiii confuse den)

Yeap,i know, i need to calm down myself and beristighfar especially during this fasting month..

Ok fine..i'm not in d good mood for today..sorry for being emotional coz life seems to be very tough day by day,people around me cheer and happy wit their life,but mine is suck!! But,whatever it's, I'm still rational,i'm still manage to undergo this life wit my very best effort (patience mostly)..Thank God (Alhamdulillah), i still have people around me especially my dad who always make me smile by juz look at his face..thnks daddy~

Plus,i juz do this blog-walking to release my tense..that's all..nothing much Okies.....

P/s: Oppssss,btw,tOdays color is RED ok people!!It's RED..coz i'm angry and dare to throw out all statement above..

Happy Fasting people..
Till then~

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt people..
How do u do??Hopefully u guyz are doing fine..insya-Allah~

Today and d next days forward, i would love to talk about colors.. As we all are surrounds with variety of assorted colors everyday, so why not i give few words to motivate all of us and Insya-Allah it will be one of my beneficial contribution to all people outside there including you & myself..

So, today's color is GREEN..(as my mood for today is peace and calm..subhanallah)

GREEN is one of my favourite color. GREEN is also the Prophet's favourite color (apart from pink and white..Rasulullah loves these 3 colors). Dome of Nabawi Mosque also in the GREEN.. The symbols of the islamic world is colored GREEN.. GREEN also can make our eyes comfort and cozy..

When people in the cosmopolitan city want to seek for the calm and nature, they prefer to go to forest, waterfall, villages, and many other GREEN places..So,now we know, how important the GREEN to us as we couldn't live without..How important for us to recharge the GREEN aura in our body so that we able to undergo this life in balance and healthy way..

GREEN can be seen in Universal Love, Islam, Environment/Nature, Growing/Development,Harmony/Balance,Health/Organic and Positive Mind...

Rather u realize this or not, there are many GREEN word in the verses of the Quran and describes the inhabitants of Jannah/Paradise or whatever is around..It shows the pleasure, peace of mood, peace of mind and calmness..

Below are quoted several verses fro Quran and the purpose that has put GREEN in place blessed by Allah:-

Verse: "The people of Paradise (will be) therein lying on a very beautiful (pillows) and sheets of GREEN in color rugs.. Surah Ar-Rahman:Verse 76

Verse: "They (the Paradise) dressed in fine silk and silk GREEN thick.. Surah Al-Kahf: Verse 31

Clearly, the color GREEN is the color of heaven.. GREEN is the color favored by Allah SWT.. GREEN also the most beautiful color up to decorate the garden of Jannah.. Therefore, I hope that by this reveal, it may opens the hearts of human to stay believe, love and pleased to look the beautiful of Islam,the greatness of our Almighty Creator and His Messenger..

I'm wearing GREEN hijab tOday...

You know what, Rasulullah pbuh also wanted to wear something GREEN in the,what ever it is,I LOVE GREEN....

Till then...
Wallahualam bi sowwab..
Assalamualaikum wbt~