Monday, December 28, 2009

My Graduation Day (Twin Program/DECOM)

Assalamualaikum everyone..
This entry will displays all the sequences during my attendant to my convocation ceremony in Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) on last 23rd Of OctOber..

Actually, being as an English Communication student has giving me such a great opportunity to polish my ability no matter in soft Or hard skill, but also in the way on how to identify who the really "Husna Noor Hamdan" is, on behalf of other people perceptions. I believe by along the durations I spend my time pushing harder, facing obstacles, experiencing those feelings and knowing many kinda friends really increase my maturity in the way to become the real Muslimah in the present and even for the sake of my future .

Me with friends during still in MPCIM

After send my final report last June, soon after I finished my practical training in Pangkor Discovery & Outdoor Quest Sdn Bhd on the 2nd April, I just staying at home, assisting my parents and keep improving myself in many kinda aspects. And a month later, the letter of invitation arrived which inviting the entire of my family to attend the MARA convocation ceremOny. That really let myself being in dilemma either to attend myself on that 23/10 or not. 99% Of my part told me not to be such a selfish person, and keep thinking on the hardness that need to be sacrificed by whole of my family members especially my parents if they go to that ceremony. So, I told my decision to my mom that I'm not available on that day as I just finished my "A-level", not a degree yet. And I don't have any desire to go there as I thought I just want to open a new diary of my life.
At first, my mom let it to be as the last final decision but several days later, a short briefing has been conducted by my parents (as there are an educator so this kinda briefing, speech, advices, meeting, and orientation are seems to be a normal activities in our family). They told me not to make the drastic decision as I will regret in the future even this is just only for the beginning of my education growth. (that’s due to the demand which my parents want me and me myself wanna finish my study at least till Master..Insya-Allah).
Then, a lot of preparations need to be prepared as there are still rules and requirement demand by MARA on the attachment letter given. The standardization of hijab's color (soft PINK), make the Bank In Transaction (RM180), fill the graduation form in government website, and keep in touch with the administration day by day in order to reconfirm our attendant to that particular ceremony are the list of compulsory terms that need to be followed.
As my college situated a butfar from my hometown, I faced difficulties in scrambled the accommodation in Putrajaya Area as the event will being held in Wilayah Putrajaya (3 hours journey from Perak/Pahang). I also take an initiative by making reservation at Palm Garden Hotel Resort in IOI Putrajaya as it just situated approximately 9km from PICC.
We departure from Perak on 9am,22nd October. As the rehearsal conducted in 2pm on the same day, we need to rush upon it and Alhamdulillah we've made it. Thanks to my eldest brother who being such a good driver along the journey. After check in the hotel room, I told my parents to just stay and rest themselves as I don't wanna burden them more by accompany me to the rehearsal session.

Me in front the IOI Resort Palm Garden Hotel,Putrajaya=)

So, after recite the Solat (Zohor), I ask my brother to send me to PICC where I need to take my robe (jubah) and fill several of registration forms. We are a little bit late (I mean really late as we reached PICC on 3pm due to the heavy rain on that time which led to the difficulties to reach the destination in hurry)
The person in charge at the registration counter (who actually my lecturer) refuse to treat me as I'm being late for almost 1 hour!! She told me to go to the rehearsal first and come again after the rehearsal end for about 6 o'clock. Her statement let my eldest brother to get mad as he looks so tired, hectic and freaking exhausted especially after get the negative treats by the college part. Well for your info, he has graduated in Master, so he has his own point to negotiate and explaining the real situation faces by our side. In order to let the procedure became easier, my brother asked the consideration from ‘em to undergo the registration procedure on behalf of myself as he let me to enter the hall and he will handle everything for me. Love u Abg Long..hehe and mostly Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for giving me such a responsible brother who dare to take care and settle all the problems faces by me ..

Credit to Yoe. Right beside me is my coursemate, Nor Hijrah..

Being in the large hall really make me feel the excitement of convocation and increase my spirit to keep on study and celebrate the day with full of joy and happiness with people that I love so much. My best friend ever (Noor Asrafez) keep calling me and already booked a sit for me and that really make me feel great and importance on that day..Thanks dear..i really appreciate that~~
After being trained on the rehearsal session, my brothers and I returned to the hotel room and take a rest before proceed to our next plan (SHOPPING TIME around Putrajaya)

On the next day, the procession of graduands entering hall day begins. I being really honor coz at last I being graduated by taken Diploma in English Communication course..(hehe.up sket!!) Walking on the stage, grabbing the scroll, give a smart pose to the photographer, snap pictures with friends, holding a bouquet of flower, are among the activities done by me along the day. What can I say but Alhamdulillah and Barokallah!!

Thanks to my family..lOve u guys sO damn much!!!

After give the warm regard to all besties and return the convocation robe, it’s time to left the moment of MPCIM forever. We left PICC and proceed our journey aka holiday to Malacca (the most fantastic historical place in Malaysia). We reserved a room in Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka but not directly check into it. After recited the Asar’s solah, we proceed our journey to the historical town of Malacca and enjoyed ourselves by watching the view of whole Malacca by using Tamingsari Tower. It’s kinda like a spinning horizontal wheel which spinned slowly begins from the bottom until reached the high peak of the tower. Love the view of the night and hope feel the experience together with my love soon. Insya-Allah.

Then, we took trishaw or beca and get a short 30 minutes tour around Bandar Malacca.. The view of Malacca is so fantastic inclusive with the colorful lighting all over the night view. It became so extraordinary by the existence of historical building left by Portuguese since last 1000 years ago and those still looking great till present. Anyways, thanks to my father for renting 3 trishaws and that are so practical to carry all 6 of our family members. We really enjoy ourselves on that night.. weehuuuuu!!

Well, what can I say coz I already wrote a lot right!!(’s hard for me to stop after begins the journey of writing..sorry guys..hehehe). Well, let the pictures tell you the rest..So, enjOy!!!daaaa~~

Thanks 4 viewing~~(^^_)