Monday, October 19, 2009


Alhamdulillah i manage tO fullfil my desire in terms Of finish my task in blOgging, editing and creating website fOr these twO subjects (E-Learning and IT)
all difficulties and Obstacles manage tO be cOpe successfully.
(Actually,i have nO idea On hOw tO make my prensentatiOn interesting and entertaining.. in the present u have take a lOok and scrOll dOwn, i hOpe Mdm Monisa will satisfied with my jOb especially abOut the blOgging thing..Hmm what i plan tO dO is just,i will juz spOke Out what is the content Of the blOg that i have make and ready with the questiOns that wil be asked by my classmate and my lecturer. Wish me luck k??)

Juz fOr Fun..

Actually fOr this pOst, i juz wanna share tO u guys abOut my ways On hOw tO realease my tense especially at hOme cOz i juz can play guitar in there..(I have a guitar but hOnestly i'm nOt a gOod guitarist. I lOve that musical instrument very much but still have difficulties tO master On it..)
WithOut this instrument, i have lOss my alternative On hOw tO avOid and cOpe myself frOm stress especially being here as student and face a lot Of Obstacles in here..
During dO assignments, task, grOuping and website, i juz like a little kid that need suppOrt and shOulder as inreasing my spirit frOm benig dOwn fOr a lOng time..But alhamdulillah, i manage tO handle thOse prOblem very well by thinking pOsitively and ratiOnally..

HOw dO i feel???

i dunnO what i suppOse tO feel in this mOment.. it has became nOrmal situatiOn where student like me will feel the tense with the cOnditiOn Of surrOunding in cOllege and still face difficulties tO mingle with the situatiOn eventhOugh have spend a lOt Of time in there. it might be due tO the range Of distance frOm hOmetOwn, hOmesick, "nice friends" etc..
All in all, i can cOnclude that this situatiOn taught me On hOw tO face life and turn tO be adult, mature enOugh tO make decisiOn in life, knOw hOw tO differentiate between gOod and bad, which could cOntribute tOwards the gOod and happiness Of life in the future.. God willing..

AbOut COffee Loveville's Website

Assalamualaikum wbt..
(BefOre u all prOceed with yOur reading, i wOuld like tO remind u guys that the statement abOut COffee LOveville is all my creatiOn and insya-Allah it will became as reality in the future.. u may nOt find this franchise yet cOz this is still in plan..what i will wrOte abOut cOffee LOveville is as the beginning Of my spirit and effOrt tO establish this shOp..)
COFFEE LOVEVILLE is one of the COFFEE cOmpany which has been Open up since 30th July 2008. Our first branches has been Open in Pulau Pinang which is situated at Bandar Putera Bertam.We have Open up 10 mOre branches in Malaysia which are in Perak, Kedah, Perlis, SelangOr, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, JOhOr, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang.

E-Learning is ...

hmm nOw i'm trying tO talk abOut sOmething else Other than website cOz that things makes me hard tO breath..
what i'm gOnna say abOut E-Learning is that,it is a very useful methOd Of learning which i believe will being applied fOr the whOle educatiOnal system nearly 5 tO 10 years tO cOme. it is due tO the effectiveness Of this prOgram which makes student became mOre easier tO knOw the current activities, the prOgress Of them in the field Of educatiOn and perfOrmances, the latest dOcument and nOte that need tO be uplOad and dOwnlOad and etc.
Mdm MOnisa alsO says that withOut E-Learning, withOut cOmputer, it is hard fOr her tO implement her class perfectly. it is due tO the incident several weeks agO where Our cOllege was blacked Out and all the PC cannOt functiOn. sO, Mdm MOnisa have tO face difficulties On that day cOz all the material that is gOing tO be taught tO us is in the cOmputer which require electricity tO generate it..In smile, mdm MOnisa said, "every where we gO, manual system is always the best"..
But, eventhOugh E-Learning has the prO and cOns, i believe we still need this methOd Of learning accOrding tO the evOlutiOn Of era and the necessity Of cOmputer itself in Our daily life.. =)

SOurces, sOurces, sOurces...

I'm stuck rit nOw..lack Of idea and lack Of mOod as this mOment it is hard fOr me tO find any sOurces that has sOmething related with my website which is all abOut cOffee.
i alsO face the difficulty tO create any innOvatiOn and creativity which i believe will make my appearance Of website became much mOre interesting and unique than Others.
it is true that the gifted talent is sO preciOus and nOt everyOne gOt the OppOrtunity tO hOld that talent especially abOut creativity. and i alsO heard that man is much mOre creative than wOman..hurm discriminatiOn gender again and again=(
Well i need tO push myself cOz nObOdy cOuld help me tO against this feel and alsO help me tO finish the website and all my jOb.. all i need tO dO is just calm dOwn and enjOy the chOcOlates near me..(huhu i already by the stOck Of cadbury and fererO rOcher due tO my madness tOwards chOcOlates especially when I'm nOt stable juz right nOw..hihihi)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

COffee, Cakes and COokies

Hmm in terms of gathering the cOntent fOr my website, i decide tO find the assOrtment Of menu fOr my shOp (COffee LOveville).
Here, i chOose variety Of cOffee, and variatiOn Of sugar such as Cakes and COokies.
This is hOw i plan tO grab the attentiOn frOm public which i believe will be as my permanent custOmer sOon in the future.

Monday, October 12, 2009

E-Learning (Progress Of Website)

Yesterday, i have just refresh and renewate my website based on the input that i grab through Internet and magazine.

I add a tagline fOr my Coffee Shop, missiOn and visiOn which can be seen at the hOme page Of my website.
Day by day, i became mOre interested tO add sOmething tO my website which i believe it can can cOntribute tOwards the best result when it publish sOon.. and day by day, I became sO excited and cannOt wait tO face the future as i want tO Open the real COffee LOvevile in a reality wOrld.

Just nOw, i ask Mdm Monisa abOut the blOg that need tO be dOne fOr her cOurse. the lOvely Mdm Monisa said that we are required tO publish at least 10 pOsts fOr Our blOg..hahaha..that's mean I need tO find mOre alternative resOurces in terms Of making that 10 pOsts.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

E-Learning (Why I ChOose COffee)

Why i chOose cOffee as the main tOpic fOr my website?

My decisiOn tO create a COffee website is due tO my dream in the future. Actually, i wanna Open up a business that has sOmething related with COffee One day in the future. i'll make it as One Of the alternative sOurce Of mOney Other than being a lecturer Or cOnsultant One day.. Insya-Allah..

the idea appear based On the FRIENDS series stOry, Starbuck, Old Town and Black CanyOn. that makes me sO excited tO begin the business as sOon as pOssible. And i alsO plan this business tOgather with my partner and hOpefully he is my future husband.. Insya-Allah.

E-Learning (WEBSITE:)

Hi!! We meet again..
Now, for sessOn July December 2009, i'm became the super seniOr in this cOllege where i'm in Sem 5 in DecOm cOurse.
i'm taking IT as my majOr subject which require me to learn everything that has sOmething related with cOmputer,Internet and inventing a website.

E-Learning is One Of the subject that prOvide IT and virtual methOd Of learning as the medium tO gather the knOwledge and infOrmatiOn. Mdm Monisa is One Of the lecturer that i like the mOst because she is really kind, sweet, friendly, care abOut her student and always smiling at all the time. That's make me sO excited tO attend the class and hear the lecture frOm her..

FOr her E-Learning subject, Mdm Monisa ask me tO create a website that has sOmething related with my interest. At the beginning Of the prOject, i already face the prOblem where it is hard fOr me tO find Out the interest Of mine. First, i chOose martial art. But after that, my idea is getting tO stuck. It is hard fOr me tO cOpe the tense. Then, i juz prOceed with sOmething that has nO related with my prOpOsal in LMS. i decided tO create a website that has the same tOpic in IT (AbOut COffee).

I'm really sOrry mdam. my plan tO create a website abOut Martial art dOes nOt became a reality due tO these 2 circumstances:
a) Lack Of idea abOut Martial Art
b) The difficulty tO create a website itself

NOw, i juz prOceed with my COffee Website which i create my Own branches called COffee LOveville.