Monday, May 11, 2009

MUET is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

i've juz finish my MUET speaking test this mOrning..
i've gOt the tOpic abOut life-lOng learning..and i need tO cOme Out with benefit that we can get with life-lOng learning by stick with the point "can get new friends".
i'm quite disappOinted with my perfOrmance juz nOw cOz i'm very nervOus and stuck in pOint Out my view tO Other candidates during individual task. it is because my point gOt a very limit and small scOpe which alsO lead tO the limitatiOn fOr me tO think Out Of the bOx. it is might be due tO the time cOnstraint and alsO my butterfly that fly Over and Over in my stOmach..waahhh!!!
i realize that it is gOing tO be the bad day ever cOz i never being such in that standard Of cOnditiOn befOre. alOng this time as a DecOm student, i can perfOrm well.(maybe i alraedy recOgnize everybOdy especially friends and lecturers)..but i quite hesitate with what im gOna vOice Out cOz every single wOrds that cOme Out is the repetatiOn frOm my early pOint..what the!!!!
Overall, i juz can blamed myself..i hOpe i can scOre at least band 4 cOz i think i manage tO catch back during discussiOn sesssiOn. and i perfOrm quite well during reading and writing..but nOt listening..hahahaha

For yOu guys, please pray the best Of luck fOr me Ok!!hOpe sO..insya-Allah..takbir3x!!!!

Regarding Assignment 3...

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Overall, i can conclude that this assignment 3 is such a very interesting and challenging task to be done. it is due to the requirement that need to be followed before do this task. first, we need to find out our own article, than find a partner and work in pair and change each Other's work about the particular that has been choose.than, we start do the critical thinking in terms of fulfill the desire to accomplished the task. thus, here come out some of my critical review about my article.

This text is about the pandemic that cause by the swine flu virus which give a great impact towards World Health Organization (WHO) in terms of raises the level of the threat. It also warns the people from all over the world about the imminent situation. To be precise, the article covers a wide range of current issue relating to the phenomenon of swine flu virus which spread rapidly and killed a lot of people just for a week. The author provides up-to-date information based on recent news about the effect of the virus infection among society in every country in the world. The seriousness of the pandemic reached the peak after the H1N1 swine flu virus first emerged in California and Texas nearly a week and was found to have caused dozens of deaths in Mexico. Surprisingly, Spain reported the first case in Europe of swine flu in a person who had not been to Mexico, illustrating the danger of person-to-person transmission. The pandemic also might cause the worries towards the economy level which lead the world stocks rallied on after the Federal Reserve said the U.S recession appeared to be easing.

all in all, i enjoy myself and manage to gain experience on how to develop my critical thinking skills for the becoming task..thanks a lot madam Jamie..i really appreciate ur kindness in teaching us the subject which is sO useful tO be applied in the future.. thanks a lOt mdm..i always lOve u..4 dis becOming May, i wana be d first persOn 2 wish u HEPI TEACHER'S DAY..all d best in ur career n in ur life..take care!!!salam(^^,)

Drafting Assignment 3:Critical Literacy

Assalamualaikum wbt..

*It's drafting time..hehe*

For this final assignment, i need to choose my Own article in terms of prOduce a merge pOrtfOliO based On my critical review. i've choose an article entitled "WHO RAISES FLU THREAT LEVEL, WARNS PANDEMIC IMMINENT" by Laura MacInnis and Stephanie Nebehay. i took this article frOm internet due tO the time cOnstraint that need tO be faced by me On the way tO find the suitable article fOr this assignment. it alsO due tO the newspaper supply that can be cOnsider as nOt enOugh fOr us as a student in here.

in drafting this task, i ask 4 an apprOval frOm mdm jamie and she apprOve it. she alsO said that current issue is the best items tO be discussed abOut. i alsO keep On reading this article and jOt dOwn everything that cOnsider tO be used in the writing.
For this assignment is different than befOre due tO the demand and requirement frOm mdm jamie fOr us tO mark Our friends wOrk and we change Ours tO them. in this situation, we are gOing tO be dOuble critical thinking than befOre.. i alsO face the difficulty when my partner Nur Hamizah gOing back hOme fOr abOut a week withOut bOth Of us finish the task and change Our review fOr Our article yet..and i'm just staying in the hOstel alOng that time..On that time, we nOt get any Other OptiOn except send Our review via email and face the technical prOblem quite fOr a lOng time..i alsO need tO check my partner's wOrk and give cOmment abOut her jOb..i wOnder if i hurt her feeling by my cOmment because i am such a very straight fOrward persOn..but thanks GOd i made it nicely..

Drugs and Gun..

for this topic, mdm Jamie applied the same method of learning which is reading the Drug and Gun article in a grOup.. it is all abOut dillemma that need to be faced by South African government either want to buy drugs 4 pregnant women with HIV positive Or buy gun 4 their prOtection.
we alsO need tO dO a presentatiOn 4 Our friends wOrk based on this article. im Husna Hamdan whO is in Chibi LOver grOup, together with Helmi Shuib, Miza Hassan n Hanif Mazuki have divided Our self in separate task Of merging porfOlio. we cOmbine Our understanding and write an essay abOut it.
we write the critical guidelines and measure Our friends capability in doing the merge pOrfOliO.
as the result of just fOcusing On Other people wOrk, we not realize our own mistakes in doing this a result, we alsO get to be cOndemned by our friends and alsO mdm Jamie..hihiihi..
but Overall,it has teach us on how to make a gOod and perfect merge pOrtfOliO fOr this becOming assignment 3..


During class lessOn, mdm Jamie have divide the class into 4 different grOup and dO the reading of dieting article in grOuping. we keep on reading it in terms of understanding the detail Of the article. What i've understand in this article is that many people especially women are failed in their dieting program. they always being in many type of situation in dieting such as yo-yo dieting and Oprah dieting. as what i bear in my mind, yo-yo dieting is when one particular person can gain back his weight after the reducing of his weight at the short term.
overall, dieting dO lead the persOn to face a lOt Of prOblem especially that has something related with their healthiness such as aneroxia, skurvi n dOesnt mean that we cannOt applied the dieting program but we must dO it in apprOpriate way which that we cOmbine the effOrt Of reducing the fOod taken with exercise. but make sure the food is balance which cOntain the main cOmpOnent Of healthy diet prOgram. hence, the successful diet prOgram and the successful result will being achieved..sO, try it On..gOd willing u'll made it!!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Assalamualaikum wbt..
During the 8th week, we had been exposed to the new chapter of our study which is ‘Invasion of the Baby Snatcher’, which is the article from the Time Magazine date August 2006 and written by Walter Kirn.

At first, when I first look through the title, what’s came in my mind is about the abduction of children and also toddlers. However, my expectation quite differs from the true meaning of the article itself. I totally misunderstood about the message that tries to deliver by the writer. It is actually about the role of mass media to overcome the problem of children abduction. On the other hand, the media seem interested on the issue of child abduction and always find news on the issue. It can be seen through the statement by the writer which is “What, no kidnapped kids today? Well, find some!
By this statement, it showed the eagerness of the people in media field to have kidnapped cases, as they believe it will increase the rating of their company. There is other thing that needs to consider by those in media rather than to make stories of kidnapping where no solution is provided. They should focus on more important issue like children that is abused by their parents and also or abandoned by their own parents. This should be the main focus of the media, rather than used hot stuff stories, as the way to increase their rating. Overall, the writer condemned the media people because the media seems facing the problem of having the issue of double standard in reporting news.

For our previous portfolio task we had been given a task based on the reading book for CL. However, for the two last portfolio tasks, the task will be assigned by our lecturer. For our class, there is two article comes from different source.

The first article comes from a local newspaper. The shoe fling by an Iraqian reporter towards G. Bush during his las meeting of US invaded in Iraq. Mdm Jamie has taught us how to think critically for that particular article. She told us to use these 10 elements which can be categorized as something that we never expected to being use before. there are topic, content, source, audience, rhetorical function, purpose, perspective, positioning and visual literacy.