Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1st and 2nd presentation..

Assalamualaikum.we meet again=) 

In present we have,i would like to give my reflection and feedback regards on my friends presentation juz now. 

Reading 1.2..
Chapter 1: Stories and Facts by Yoe,Azlan n Hanif.

By the explaination of Yoe,he said that report writing is focus on factual writing which are description, recount,procedure and what i quote his word is,''the example of description is what some particularly thing is like,while recount is what has happened and for report is,what an entire class"
On the Other hand, i understand that factual writing is tO explOre,nOt 2 entertain.
By the explainatiOn Of azlan,he reveal the fact that we in public couldn't retain it in the first layer. Same goes to Hanif while he portraying the procedure needed while accessing the information in sources that we do used in everyday life.

Overall,the presentation really informative and beneficial for me as a whole.Thanks friends~

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Convicted Killer Back at Work:Deborah Parry

After going through the article of Deborah Parry and listen the lecture n explaination by Mdm Jamie,i found this is such an unique story 2be discussed with..

In my observation as a reader,i can conclude that there have 2 differents perspections which are negative n positive perspective towards Deborah Parry..
For me as a reader,i have 2 face 2 different opinion before read this article..the title Of the article shows the negative thing while the interface Or the picture that has been displayed is totally different until me myself get confused with is such a contrast n able to attract people attention to read and when through the article..mdm jamie also mentioned the same thing too..
On the other hand,Deborah who was found guilty has get the opportunity 2 pursue her job as a nurse eventhough she faced beheading..i found that it is the consequent of the victim's brother waived the death penalty under Saudi law in return for a sum Of money thought 2be abOut us1.7 milliOn..
For me,it can be done but the question here is why she able to get the job as a nurse eventhough she is a convicted killer.the role Of a nurse is 2 help people about health n safety.but the action to take a killer as nurse is such a ridiculous action ever..almost all people dont want 2 let her do the treatment to us as a will expose urself into danger n no wonder through the death..