Monday, December 28, 2009

My Graduation Day (Twin Program/DECOM)

Assalamualaikum everyone..
This entry will displays all the sequences during my attendant to my convocation ceremony in Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) on last 23rd Of OctOber..

Actually, being as an English Communication student has giving me such a great opportunity to polish my ability no matter in soft Or hard skill, but also in the way on how to identify who the really "Husna Noor Hamdan" is, on behalf of other people perceptions. I believe by along the durations I spend my time pushing harder, facing obstacles, experiencing those feelings and knowing many kinda friends really increase my maturity in the way to become the real Muslimah in the present and even for the sake of my future .

Me with friends during still in MPCIM

After send my final report last June, soon after I finished my practical training in Pangkor Discovery & Outdoor Quest Sdn Bhd on the 2nd April, I just staying at home, assisting my parents and keep improving myself in many kinda aspects. And a month later, the letter of invitation arrived which inviting the entire of my family to attend the MARA convocation ceremOny. That really let myself being in dilemma either to attend myself on that 23/10 or not. 99% Of my part told me not to be such a selfish person, and keep thinking on the hardness that need to be sacrificed by whole of my family members especially my parents if they go to that ceremony. So, I told my decision to my mom that I'm not available on that day as I just finished my "A-level", not a degree yet. And I don't have any desire to go there as I thought I just want to open a new diary of my life.
At first, my mom let it to be as the last final decision but several days later, a short briefing has been conducted by my parents (as there are an educator so this kinda briefing, speech, advices, meeting, and orientation are seems to be a normal activities in our family). They told me not to make the drastic decision as I will regret in the future even this is just only for the beginning of my education growth. (that’s due to the demand which my parents want me and me myself wanna finish my study at least till Master..Insya-Allah).
Then, a lot of preparations need to be prepared as there are still rules and requirement demand by MARA on the attachment letter given. The standardization of hijab's color (soft PINK), make the Bank In Transaction (RM180), fill the graduation form in government website, and keep in touch with the administration day by day in order to reconfirm our attendant to that particular ceremony are the list of compulsory terms that need to be followed.
As my college situated a butfar from my hometown, I faced difficulties in scrambled the accommodation in Putrajaya Area as the event will being held in Wilayah Putrajaya (3 hours journey from Perak/Pahang). I also take an initiative by making reservation at Palm Garden Hotel Resort in IOI Putrajaya as it just situated approximately 9km from PICC.
We departure from Perak on 9am,22nd October. As the rehearsal conducted in 2pm on the same day, we need to rush upon it and Alhamdulillah we've made it. Thanks to my eldest brother who being such a good driver along the journey. After check in the hotel room, I told my parents to just stay and rest themselves as I don't wanna burden them more by accompany me to the rehearsal session.

Me in front the IOI Resort Palm Garden Hotel,Putrajaya=)

So, after recite the Solat (Zohor), I ask my brother to send me to PICC where I need to take my robe (jubah) and fill several of registration forms. We are a little bit late (I mean really late as we reached PICC on 3pm due to the heavy rain on that time which led to the difficulties to reach the destination in hurry)
The person in charge at the registration counter (who actually my lecturer) refuse to treat me as I'm being late for almost 1 hour!! She told me to go to the rehearsal first and come again after the rehearsal end for about 6 o'clock. Her statement let my eldest brother to get mad as he looks so tired, hectic and freaking exhausted especially after get the negative treats by the college part. Well for your info, he has graduated in Master, so he has his own point to negotiate and explaining the real situation faces by our side. In order to let the procedure became easier, my brother asked the consideration from ‘em to undergo the registration procedure on behalf of myself as he let me to enter the hall and he will handle everything for me. Love u Abg Long..hehe and mostly Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for giving me such a responsible brother who dare to take care and settle all the problems faces by me ..

Credit to Yoe. Right beside me is my coursemate, Nor Hijrah..

Being in the large hall really make me feel the excitement of convocation and increase my spirit to keep on study and celebrate the day with full of joy and happiness with people that I love so much. My best friend ever (Noor Asrafez) keep calling me and already booked a sit for me and that really make me feel great and importance on that day..Thanks dear..i really appreciate that~~
After being trained on the rehearsal session, my brothers and I returned to the hotel room and take a rest before proceed to our next plan (SHOPPING TIME around Putrajaya)

On the next day, the procession of graduands entering hall day begins. I being really honor coz at last I being graduated by taken Diploma in English Communication course..(hehe.up sket!!) Walking on the stage, grabbing the scroll, give a smart pose to the photographer, snap pictures with friends, holding a bouquet of flower, are among the activities done by me along the day. What can I say but Alhamdulillah and Barokallah!!

Thanks to my family..lOve u guys sO damn much!!!

After give the warm regard to all besties and return the convocation robe, it’s time to left the moment of MPCIM forever. We left PICC and proceed our journey aka holiday to Malacca (the most fantastic historical place in Malaysia). We reserved a room in Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka but not directly check into it. After recited the Asar’s solah, we proceed our journey to the historical town of Malacca and enjoyed ourselves by watching the view of whole Malacca by using Tamingsari Tower. It’s kinda like a spinning horizontal wheel which spinned slowly begins from the bottom until reached the high peak of the tower. Love the view of the night and hope feel the experience together with my love soon. Insya-Allah.

Then, we took trishaw or beca and get a short 30 minutes tour around Bandar Malacca.. The view of Malacca is so fantastic inclusive with the colorful lighting all over the night view. It became so extraordinary by the existence of historical building left by Portuguese since last 1000 years ago and those still looking great till present. Anyways, thanks to my father for renting 3 trishaws and that are so practical to carry all 6 of our family members. We really enjoy ourselves on that night.. weehuuuuu!!

Well, what can I say coz I already wrote a lot right!!(’s hard for me to stop after begins the journey of writing..sorry guys..hehehe). Well, let the pictures tell you the rest..So, enjOy!!!daaaa~~

Thanks 4 viewing~~(^^_)

Monday, October 19, 2009


Alhamdulillah i manage tO fullfil my desire in terms Of finish my task in blOgging, editing and creating website fOr these twO subjects (E-Learning and IT)
all difficulties and Obstacles manage tO be cOpe successfully.
(Actually,i have nO idea On hOw tO make my prensentatiOn interesting and entertaining.. in the present u have take a lOok and scrOll dOwn, i hOpe Mdm Monisa will satisfied with my jOb especially abOut the blOgging thing..Hmm what i plan tO dO is just,i will juz spOke Out what is the content Of the blOg that i have make and ready with the questiOns that wil be asked by my classmate and my lecturer. Wish me luck k??)

Juz fOr Fun..

Actually fOr this pOst, i juz wanna share tO u guys abOut my ways On hOw tO realease my tense especially at hOme cOz i juz can play guitar in there..(I have a guitar but hOnestly i'm nOt a gOod guitarist. I lOve that musical instrument very much but still have difficulties tO master On it..)
WithOut this instrument, i have lOss my alternative On hOw tO avOid and cOpe myself frOm stress especially being here as student and face a lot Of Obstacles in here..
During dO assignments, task, grOuping and website, i juz like a little kid that need suppOrt and shOulder as inreasing my spirit frOm benig dOwn fOr a lOng time..But alhamdulillah, i manage tO handle thOse prOblem very well by thinking pOsitively and ratiOnally..

HOw dO i feel???

i dunnO what i suppOse tO feel in this mOment.. it has became nOrmal situatiOn where student like me will feel the tense with the cOnditiOn Of surrOunding in cOllege and still face difficulties tO mingle with the situatiOn eventhOugh have spend a lOt Of time in there. it might be due tO the range Of distance frOm hOmetOwn, hOmesick, "nice friends" etc..
All in all, i can cOnclude that this situatiOn taught me On hOw tO face life and turn tO be adult, mature enOugh tO make decisiOn in life, knOw hOw tO differentiate between gOod and bad, which could cOntribute tOwards the gOod and happiness Of life in the future.. God willing..

AbOut COffee Loveville's Website

Assalamualaikum wbt..
(BefOre u all prOceed with yOur reading, i wOuld like tO remind u guys that the statement abOut COffee LOveville is all my creatiOn and insya-Allah it will became as reality in the future.. u may nOt find this franchise yet cOz this is still in plan..what i will wrOte abOut cOffee LOveville is as the beginning Of my spirit and effOrt tO establish this shOp..)
COFFEE LOVEVILLE is one of the COFFEE cOmpany which has been Open up since 30th July 2008. Our first branches has been Open in Pulau Pinang which is situated at Bandar Putera Bertam.We have Open up 10 mOre branches in Malaysia which are in Perak, Kedah, Perlis, SelangOr, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, JOhOr, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang.

E-Learning is ...

hmm nOw i'm trying tO talk abOut sOmething else Other than website cOz that things makes me hard tO breath..
what i'm gOnna say abOut E-Learning is that,it is a very useful methOd Of learning which i believe will being applied fOr the whOle educatiOnal system nearly 5 tO 10 years tO cOme. it is due tO the effectiveness Of this prOgram which makes student became mOre easier tO knOw the current activities, the prOgress Of them in the field Of educatiOn and perfOrmances, the latest dOcument and nOte that need tO be uplOad and dOwnlOad and etc.
Mdm MOnisa alsO says that withOut E-Learning, withOut cOmputer, it is hard fOr her tO implement her class perfectly. it is due tO the incident several weeks agO where Our cOllege was blacked Out and all the PC cannOt functiOn. sO, Mdm MOnisa have tO face difficulties On that day cOz all the material that is gOing tO be taught tO us is in the cOmputer which require electricity tO generate it..In smile, mdm MOnisa said, "every where we gO, manual system is always the best"..
But, eventhOugh E-Learning has the prO and cOns, i believe we still need this methOd Of learning accOrding tO the evOlutiOn Of era and the necessity Of cOmputer itself in Our daily life.. =)

SOurces, sOurces, sOurces...

I'm stuck rit nOw..lack Of idea and lack Of mOod as this mOment it is hard fOr me tO find any sOurces that has sOmething related with my website which is all abOut cOffee.
i alsO face the difficulty tO create any innOvatiOn and creativity which i believe will make my appearance Of website became much mOre interesting and unique than Others.
it is true that the gifted talent is sO preciOus and nOt everyOne gOt the OppOrtunity tO hOld that talent especially abOut creativity. and i alsO heard that man is much mOre creative than wOman..hurm discriminatiOn gender again and again=(
Well i need tO push myself cOz nObOdy cOuld help me tO against this feel and alsO help me tO finish the website and all my jOb.. all i need tO dO is just calm dOwn and enjOy the chOcOlates near me..(huhu i already by the stOck Of cadbury and fererO rOcher due tO my madness tOwards chOcOlates especially when I'm nOt stable juz right nOw..hihihi)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

COffee, Cakes and COokies

Hmm in terms of gathering the cOntent fOr my website, i decide tO find the assOrtment Of menu fOr my shOp (COffee LOveville).
Here, i chOose variety Of cOffee, and variatiOn Of sugar such as Cakes and COokies.
This is hOw i plan tO grab the attentiOn frOm public which i believe will be as my permanent custOmer sOon in the future.

Monday, October 12, 2009

E-Learning (Progress Of Website)

Yesterday, i have just refresh and renewate my website based on the input that i grab through Internet and magazine.

I add a tagline fOr my Coffee Shop, missiOn and visiOn which can be seen at the hOme page Of my website.
Day by day, i became mOre interested tO add sOmething tO my website which i believe it can can cOntribute tOwards the best result when it publish sOon.. and day by day, I became sO excited and cannOt wait tO face the future as i want tO Open the real COffee LOvevile in a reality wOrld.

Just nOw, i ask Mdm Monisa abOut the blOg that need tO be dOne fOr her cOurse. the lOvely Mdm Monisa said that we are required tO publish at least 10 pOsts fOr Our blOg..hahaha..that's mean I need tO find mOre alternative resOurces in terms Of making that 10 pOsts.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

E-Learning (Why I ChOose COffee)

Why i chOose cOffee as the main tOpic fOr my website?

My decisiOn tO create a COffee website is due tO my dream in the future. Actually, i wanna Open up a business that has sOmething related with COffee One day in the future. i'll make it as One Of the alternative sOurce Of mOney Other than being a lecturer Or cOnsultant One day.. Insya-Allah..

the idea appear based On the FRIENDS series stOry, Starbuck, Old Town and Black CanyOn. that makes me sO excited tO begin the business as sOon as pOssible. And i alsO plan this business tOgather with my partner and hOpefully he is my future husband.. Insya-Allah.

E-Learning (WEBSITE:)

Hi!! We meet again..
Now, for sessOn July December 2009, i'm became the super seniOr in this cOllege where i'm in Sem 5 in DecOm cOurse.
i'm taking IT as my majOr subject which require me to learn everything that has sOmething related with cOmputer,Internet and inventing a website.

E-Learning is One Of the subject that prOvide IT and virtual methOd Of learning as the medium tO gather the knOwledge and infOrmatiOn. Mdm Monisa is One Of the lecturer that i like the mOst because she is really kind, sweet, friendly, care abOut her student and always smiling at all the time. That's make me sO excited tO attend the class and hear the lecture frOm her..

FOr her E-Learning subject, Mdm Monisa ask me tO create a website that has sOmething related with my interest. At the beginning Of the prOject, i already face the prOblem where it is hard fOr me tO find Out the interest Of mine. First, i chOose martial art. But after that, my idea is getting tO stuck. It is hard fOr me tO cOpe the tense. Then, i juz prOceed with sOmething that has nO related with my prOpOsal in LMS. i decided tO create a website that has the same tOpic in IT (AbOut COffee).

I'm really sOrry mdam. my plan tO create a website abOut Martial art dOes nOt became a reality due tO these 2 circumstances:
a) Lack Of idea abOut Martial Art
b) The difficulty tO create a website itself

NOw, i juz prOceed with my COffee Website which i create my Own branches called COffee LOveville.

Monday, May 11, 2009

MUET is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

i've juz finish my MUET speaking test this mOrning..
i've gOt the tOpic abOut life-lOng learning..and i need tO cOme Out with benefit that we can get with life-lOng learning by stick with the point "can get new friends".
i'm quite disappOinted with my perfOrmance juz nOw cOz i'm very nervOus and stuck in pOint Out my view tO Other candidates during individual task. it is because my point gOt a very limit and small scOpe which alsO lead tO the limitatiOn fOr me tO think Out Of the bOx. it is might be due tO the time cOnstraint and alsO my butterfly that fly Over and Over in my stOmach..waahhh!!!
i realize that it is gOing tO be the bad day ever cOz i never being such in that standard Of cOnditiOn befOre. alOng this time as a DecOm student, i can perfOrm well.(maybe i alraedy recOgnize everybOdy especially friends and lecturers)..but i quite hesitate with what im gOna vOice Out cOz every single wOrds that cOme Out is the repetatiOn frOm my early pOint..what the!!!!
Overall, i juz can blamed myself..i hOpe i can scOre at least band 4 cOz i think i manage tO catch back during discussiOn sesssiOn. and i perfOrm quite well during reading and writing..but nOt listening..hahahaha

For yOu guys, please pray the best Of luck fOr me Ok!!hOpe sO..insya-Allah..takbir3x!!!!

Regarding Assignment 3...

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Overall, i can conclude that this assignment 3 is such a very interesting and challenging task to be done. it is due to the requirement that need to be followed before do this task. first, we need to find out our own article, than find a partner and work in pair and change each Other's work about the particular that has been choose.than, we start do the critical thinking in terms of fulfill the desire to accomplished the task. thus, here come out some of my critical review about my article.

This text is about the pandemic that cause by the swine flu virus which give a great impact towards World Health Organization (WHO) in terms of raises the level of the threat. It also warns the people from all over the world about the imminent situation. To be precise, the article covers a wide range of current issue relating to the phenomenon of swine flu virus which spread rapidly and killed a lot of people just for a week. The author provides up-to-date information based on recent news about the effect of the virus infection among society in every country in the world. The seriousness of the pandemic reached the peak after the H1N1 swine flu virus first emerged in California and Texas nearly a week and was found to have caused dozens of deaths in Mexico. Surprisingly, Spain reported the first case in Europe of swine flu in a person who had not been to Mexico, illustrating the danger of person-to-person transmission. The pandemic also might cause the worries towards the economy level which lead the world stocks rallied on after the Federal Reserve said the U.S recession appeared to be easing.

all in all, i enjoy myself and manage to gain experience on how to develop my critical thinking skills for the becoming task..thanks a lot madam Jamie..i really appreciate ur kindness in teaching us the subject which is sO useful tO be applied in the future.. thanks a lOt mdm..i always lOve u..4 dis becOming May, i wana be d first persOn 2 wish u HEPI TEACHER'S DAY..all d best in ur career n in ur life..take care!!!salam(^^,)

Drafting Assignment 3:Critical Literacy

Assalamualaikum wbt..

*It's drafting time..hehe*

For this final assignment, i need to choose my Own article in terms of prOduce a merge pOrtfOliO based On my critical review. i've choose an article entitled "WHO RAISES FLU THREAT LEVEL, WARNS PANDEMIC IMMINENT" by Laura MacInnis and Stephanie Nebehay. i took this article frOm internet due tO the time cOnstraint that need tO be faced by me On the way tO find the suitable article fOr this assignment. it alsO due tO the newspaper supply that can be cOnsider as nOt enOugh fOr us as a student in here.

in drafting this task, i ask 4 an apprOval frOm mdm jamie and she apprOve it. she alsO said that current issue is the best items tO be discussed abOut. i alsO keep On reading this article and jOt dOwn everything that cOnsider tO be used in the writing.
For this assignment is different than befOre due tO the demand and requirement frOm mdm jamie fOr us tO mark Our friends wOrk and we change Ours tO them. in this situation, we are gOing tO be dOuble critical thinking than befOre.. i alsO face the difficulty when my partner Nur Hamizah gOing back hOme fOr abOut a week withOut bOth Of us finish the task and change Our review fOr Our article yet..and i'm just staying in the hOstel alOng that time..On that time, we nOt get any Other OptiOn except send Our review via email and face the technical prOblem quite fOr a lOng time..i alsO need tO check my partner's wOrk and give cOmment abOut her jOb..i wOnder if i hurt her feeling by my cOmment because i am such a very straight fOrward persOn..but thanks GOd i made it nicely..

Drugs and Gun..

for this topic, mdm Jamie applied the same method of learning which is reading the Drug and Gun article in a grOup.. it is all abOut dillemma that need to be faced by South African government either want to buy drugs 4 pregnant women with HIV positive Or buy gun 4 their prOtection.
we alsO need tO dO a presentatiOn 4 Our friends wOrk based on this article. im Husna Hamdan whO is in Chibi LOver grOup, together with Helmi Shuib, Miza Hassan n Hanif Mazuki have divided Our self in separate task Of merging porfOlio. we cOmbine Our understanding and write an essay abOut it.
we write the critical guidelines and measure Our friends capability in doing the merge pOrfOliO.
as the result of just fOcusing On Other people wOrk, we not realize our own mistakes in doing this a result, we alsO get to be cOndemned by our friends and alsO mdm Jamie..hihiihi..
but Overall,it has teach us on how to make a gOod and perfect merge pOrtfOliO fOr this becOming assignment 3..


During class lessOn, mdm Jamie have divide the class into 4 different grOup and dO the reading of dieting article in grOuping. we keep on reading it in terms of understanding the detail Of the article. What i've understand in this article is that many people especially women are failed in their dieting program. they always being in many type of situation in dieting such as yo-yo dieting and Oprah dieting. as what i bear in my mind, yo-yo dieting is when one particular person can gain back his weight after the reducing of his weight at the short term.
overall, dieting dO lead the persOn to face a lOt Of prOblem especially that has something related with their healthiness such as aneroxia, skurvi n dOesnt mean that we cannOt applied the dieting program but we must dO it in apprOpriate way which that we cOmbine the effOrt Of reducing the fOod taken with exercise. but make sure the food is balance which cOntain the main cOmpOnent Of healthy diet prOgram. hence, the successful diet prOgram and the successful result will being achieved..sO, try it On..gOd willing u'll made it!!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Assalamualaikum wbt..
During the 8th week, we had been exposed to the new chapter of our study which is ‘Invasion of the Baby Snatcher’, which is the article from the Time Magazine date August 2006 and written by Walter Kirn.

At first, when I first look through the title, what’s came in my mind is about the abduction of children and also toddlers. However, my expectation quite differs from the true meaning of the article itself. I totally misunderstood about the message that tries to deliver by the writer. It is actually about the role of mass media to overcome the problem of children abduction. On the other hand, the media seem interested on the issue of child abduction and always find news on the issue. It can be seen through the statement by the writer which is “What, no kidnapped kids today? Well, find some!
By this statement, it showed the eagerness of the people in media field to have kidnapped cases, as they believe it will increase the rating of their company. There is other thing that needs to consider by those in media rather than to make stories of kidnapping where no solution is provided. They should focus on more important issue like children that is abused by their parents and also or abandoned by their own parents. This should be the main focus of the media, rather than used hot stuff stories, as the way to increase their rating. Overall, the writer condemned the media people because the media seems facing the problem of having the issue of double standard in reporting news.

For our previous portfolio task we had been given a task based on the reading book for CL. However, for the two last portfolio tasks, the task will be assigned by our lecturer. For our class, there is two article comes from different source.

The first article comes from a local newspaper. The shoe fling by an Iraqian reporter towards G. Bush during his las meeting of US invaded in Iraq. Mdm Jamie has taught us how to think critically for that particular article. She told us to use these 10 elements which can be categorized as something that we never expected to being use before. there are topic, content, source, audience, rhetorical function, purpose, perspective, positioning and visual literacy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crooked And Fallacious Thinking, Speech and Speakers: the Formation of Individuals in Discourse and Genre

Assalamualaikum wbt..

This entry is gona talk about the Crooked And Fallacious Thinking, Speech and Speakers: the Formation of Individuals in Discourse and Genre presented by EMI and WIKA.

Helmi and Hilmi has explain about topic Crooked And Fallacious Thinking. they said that Crooked is the dishonest while Fallacious is based on a false idea. The development of a clear and perceptive outlook entails the ability to think logically and to recognise and analyse instances of crooked and fallacious thinking.
Many people are not aware of the fact that their trends of thoughts and thus communication processes, are frequently muddled, illogical and fallacious. A crooked thinker transfers the prestige of something of which we approve or even respect to something which he wants us to accept; or conversely he may carry over the ‘notoriety’ of something we dislike to something which he wants us to reject.

based on Ika and wani presentation, i just understand about the meaning of discourse which is the ways of speaking or writing which promote a particular view of world and how it should be. One of the most thoroughly studied discourses is that sexism.
while sexist discourse definition which is the socialization of the natural category of sex as gender.

i think that's all from me..
thanks for reading

Statistic and Linguistic Perspective

This entry is gonna talk about the content of presentation from these 2 groups regarding statistics and linguistic perspectives.

this presentation is from NOrfasida and Amni.
in the introduction, they mentioned that statistic is a concern about use and misuse of statistics. Begins by defining terms, mentioning, a number of domains where statistics are widely used.
on the other hand, it also refers to information about any phenomenon or activity expressed in numerical form. Denotes the art and science of collecting, presenting, analyzing, and interpreting numerical data. statistic also the tool for us to make the maximum use of quantitative measurements and assessments.

najiha and hijrah have present about reading 3.3.
they mentioned about how to differentiate between text A and Text B.
according to text A, Wignell has classified text A as a discussion. A discussion is a written genre typically used to present a reasoned account of both (or/all) sides of an issue.
while according to text B, Wignell has called it as report.
It is standard general in the sciences and social sciences.
It is considered unproblematic in the field.
Present as fact and not really open to question.
Informed text participant or text user seems like unproblematic.
thank you(^^,)

Types of Exposition & Metaphor

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Types of Exposition & Metaphor
For this topic, i'm going to take an initiatives to make the presentation is easy to be understood.
Exposition means to explain about the statement that have been discussed about.
there are two types of exposition which are hortatory exposition and analytical exposition.
hortatory is something like a command while analytical is something that just need to believe.
the example of hortatory exposition statement is "the government should take their effort in terms of avoiding and decline the misuse of firearms among people"
whereas, the example of analytical exposition statement is "Mdm Jamilah is a lecturer in UNISA College.
Overall, by this presentation, we manage to explain clearly about the differences between these two type of exposition to our friends.

Ayu and Munirrah has explain in detail about what the meaning of metaphor is.
The passage of The Inheritors Lok.
Whorf’s argument said our world is structured through the relationships that we establish between different situations, through our perceptions of similarity.
Main theme of this chapter- the crucial role of metaphor not only in language but in the way in which we understand our world.
Metaphor was thought of by most people as a process that was marginal to the everyday use of language, as a phenomenon that was confined to special domains such as that of the literary language.
Marginalised or even ignored by linguists.
It plays an important role in language at a number of different levels.

i think thats all.(^^,)

Monday, February 9, 2009

3rd n 4th presentatiOn

Assalamualaikum.we meet again.
NOw,lets talk abOut myn,mimi n mOrO's presntatiOn.they talked abOut language,perspective n ideOlOgy..there,i can cOnclude the differences Of dOing writing amOng different writer..they mentiOn abOut the writer's side either it is at the black side Or the white alsO can be neutral as well.
FOr the 4th presentatiOn which frOm yaya n izzah,they keep On mentiOned abOut text n textualities..the functiOn Of denOtatiOn n cOnOtatiOn in advertisement cOuld be seen in the presentatiOn Of them..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1st and 2nd presentation..

Assalamualaikum.we meet again=) 

In present we have,i would like to give my reflection and feedback regards on my friends presentation juz now. 

Reading 1.2..
Chapter 1: Stories and Facts by Yoe,Azlan n Hanif.

By the explaination of Yoe,he said that report writing is focus on factual writing which are description, recount,procedure and what i quote his word is,''the example of description is what some particularly thing is like,while recount is what has happened and for report is,what an entire class"
On the Other hand, i understand that factual writing is tO explOre,nOt 2 entertain.
By the explainatiOn Of azlan,he reveal the fact that we in public couldn't retain it in the first layer. Same goes to Hanif while he portraying the procedure needed while accessing the information in sources that we do used in everyday life.

Overall,the presentation really informative and beneficial for me as a whole.Thanks friends~

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Convicted Killer Back at Work:Deborah Parry

After going through the article of Deborah Parry and listen the lecture n explaination by Mdm Jamie,i found this is such an unique story 2be discussed with..

In my observation as a reader,i can conclude that there have 2 differents perspections which are negative n positive perspective towards Deborah Parry..
For me as a reader,i have 2 face 2 different opinion before read this article..the title Of the article shows the negative thing while the interface Or the picture that has been displayed is totally different until me myself get confused with is such a contrast n able to attract people attention to read and when through the article..mdm jamie also mentioned the same thing too..
On the other hand,Deborah who was found guilty has get the opportunity 2 pursue her job as a nurse eventhough she faced beheading..i found that it is the consequent of the victim's brother waived the death penalty under Saudi law in return for a sum Of money thought 2be abOut us1.7 milliOn..
For me,it can be done but the question here is why she able to get the job as a nurse eventhough she is a convicted killer.the role Of a nurse is 2 help people about health n safety.but the action to take a killer as nurse is such a ridiculous action ever..almost all people dont want 2 let her do the treatment to us as a will expose urself into danger n no wonder through the death..