Saturday, September 13, 2008

Journal Entry 3

1) According to Mason, "Deprivation is largely an attitude of mind.(pg 53) Discuss this quote by Mason and describe what deprives you..

In my OpiniOn, the reasOn why MasOn says it sO is because for him, by deprivatiOn, we are able tO adapt Ourselves in every single cOnditiOn nO matter hOw tOugh it has tO be faced. And for me, the matter that deprives me is when i felt sleepy. Just because Of this matter, I cant to fOcus On my study and hard fOr me tO stay up at night and finish my assignment fOr sure..huhuhu

2) Mason also realizes that, "How little is really absolutely necessary for life and ever happiness. (pg 53) what was "necessary" for Mason's life at that time?

FOr me, I consider that the time that he has is sO preciOus and cant tO be wasted juz like that. FOr MasOn, theneccessary thing is the time that left fOr him tO survive in his life..

3) What is necessary for you to have in life? Why? How?

The necessary for me in life Of cOurse tO build up the successful life.. First, I need my parents and my family tO make it cOme true. Then, I need knOwledge, my religion(Islam), OppOrtunity and mOney.
WithOut thOse things abOve, it's impOssible fOr me tO adapt myself in every single cOnditiOn withOut fear nor favOr...