Saturday, September 13, 2008

Journal Entry 3

1) According to Mason, "Deprivation is largely an attitude of mind.(pg 53) Discuss this quote by Mason and describe what deprives you..

In my OpiniOn, the reasOn why MasOn says it sO is because for him, by deprivatiOn, we are able tO adapt Ourselves in every single cOnditiOn nO matter hOw tOugh it has tO be faced. And for me, the matter that deprives me is when i felt sleepy. Just because Of this matter, I cant to fOcus On my study and hard fOr me tO stay up at night and finish my assignment fOr sure..huhuhu

2) Mason also realizes that, "How little is really absolutely necessary for life and ever happiness. (pg 53) what was "necessary" for Mason's life at that time?

FOr me, I consider that the time that he has is sO preciOus and cant tO be wasted juz like that. FOr MasOn, theneccessary thing is the time that left fOr him tO survive in his life..

3) What is necessary for you to have in life? Why? How?

The necessary for me in life Of cOurse tO build up the successful life.. First, I need my parents and my family tO make it cOme true. Then, I need knOwledge, my religion(Islam), OppOrtunity and mOney.
WithOut thOse things abOve, it's impOssible fOr me tO adapt myself in every single cOnditiOn withOut fear nor favOr...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

After the Narrator Pulls Salmah's Tudung:Prediction

Assalamualaikum wbt..
This entry meet us again..alhamdulillah..
At the ending Of the Bugis story, we did noticed that the narrator pulls Salmah's tudung..then it stOp juz like that..(*wondering)

Well, I guess that after that incident, both of them are started to fight between each Other until the situatiOn attracts the public attentiOn. All Of the eyes stare at them while the fight between the crazy yOung lady begin. Realize abOut the chaos  Sazalie tried tO put an effOrt in terms Of detach them.

We nOtice that Sazalie was hOld such a flat character in Bugis. But in this plOt, Sazalie invOlve himself tO calm dOwn the situatiOn by putting himself as the bOarder in the middle Of the ladies.. But in this case, he is facing Salmah. He whispered tO Salmah's face that he can't stand with her anymOre. He decides tO break up with Salmah and ask 4 an apOlOgize Of it.

Unexpectedly, Sazalie pulls the narratOr's hand and leave Salmah there alOne. It seems that Sazalie started tO realize abOut Salmah's behaviOr whO always pretend and be sO hypOcrite tO herself and in their relatiOnship as a lOver 4 sure..

Yup!!!I think thats it..hihihihi(^^_)

Sunday, July 13, 2008



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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Assalamualaikum wbt..

In our previous General English 2 class, Mdm Aidah have asked us 2 mention about our favourite and interesting story that we know and share it with all our classmates..So,here i would like 2 give a simple comment regarding my friends presentations..(No offense anyway;)
She'd talked about Mexican drama entitled Ruby and 4 me,that's a great story..d explanation given quite articulate and easy 2 understand..i do have fun wit it..

her story is based on a novel entitled 27 dressess and it is something related wit wedding planner who's really determined in his/her life if i'm not mistaken..(cant confirm what gender actually..huhu)..4me, myn has a really great tone of voice and d way she delivered the story has made the story became more interesting and easy 2 understand by us including me..


She is so talented in conveying the thing that she wanted to.I love her so much as she is the joker,and make the day look so sensational in every single day I live in her a lot!